Fitness: Freeletics Coach Journey 

Fitness: Freeletics Coach Journey 

{this is not a sponsored blog, just a review on the app called Freeletics} 

I have been a “free athlete” for almost a year now, that’s what they call you if you are using an app called Freeletics. My inspiration in doing this workout routines and downloading the app for free came about when I saw my need to do something about my weight and fitness. Clueless and don’t know how to start, that’s how I described myself a year ago. 
My after pregnancy weight took a huge toll on me, adding to that, is my laziness and excuses – and I ended up with a whooping add-on 20kg, on my weight. Being overweight is not good, healthwise. I know I have to do something about it. No more excuses. 

I heard about Freeletics from a friend and saw some great results. Knowing myself too well, I know Im only good at first but I may give up anytime – so I hesistantly downloaded the app, so I can try. For almost a year, I was training reluctantly on and off – I trained if I feel like it or if Im in the mood, but countless are the days that I don’t. 

Surprisingly, freeletics gave justice to it’s promise – it helped me shed 10kg off my weight, which is really a shocker! It inspired and motivated me that if I go serious about my weightloss, maybe, I can reach my goals. Maybe this time, I should be more intentional, since I am already doing it. 

Freeletics, is a very straightforward, intense and motivating app, I would say. The “running” workouts are designed not to exhaust the runner on long miles of distances, rather, they teach more in building endurance, improving speed, helping you learn your breathing, catching the techniques – making rookies, like me, feel like they are being taught by a professional sprinter. 

They made the routines and workouts exciting – making you work on your speed, giving you ample of space to rest after each sprints so you can prepare for the next intervals. They gave an exciting approach on how to enjoy running, they have lots of varieties, intervals, long and short distance runs adding to that, the testimonials and motivational videos that is really inspiring, makes you run more and more. 
They are quite generous to let you try some of their free workouts, on their free version of the app which gives you the whole experience of freeletics. Helpful for those who just want to give it a try. One note though, it gives results. Making you want more. I guess the marketing is really good, but, more importantly the results is really acceptable. 

As a result of my running workouts successfully, I lose 10kg last year, even if I was inconsistent with my training. With the results I got from last year and the commendations I get from friends who continuously tell me that I lose weight, I got convinced that I really have to be more serious with my fitness and become intentional with my trainings. 

Finally, last night, my husband and I, decided to buy the paid-app with a personalized coach to make our trainings more personalized. The app caused us $54 dollars for a 3months subscription. The paid subscription includes a personalized coach, personalized program matched to your capacity, a coach feedback and monitoring and a structured training workout. They also included the freeletics nutrition and running app – luckily, we got discounts too. 

Here’s how the paid-app look like; 

Was it worth it? 

Although it’s too early to tell, I would still say yes, compared to the huge pricing of gyms plus personal trainers – freeletics definitely is much more cheaper. Another plus is that you don’t need to travel far from home to do the workout, no need for the machines, all you need is the app and your availability. It’s you, your body, the app and the nature. Everywhere and anywhere definitely can do the workout. 
On the onset, the app gave a questionaire for us to fill out, giving a brief description on your weight, height, goals, gender, work type and willingness to train. Based on your answers, the app will analyze and match the possible coach suitable for you. 

Next is the physical test, the app will load some exercises for you to do and based on that you will give your feedback, per exercise. The physical test includes 50 jumping jacks, 50 high knees run, 10 burpees and 50 climbers — every after each workout, you get to share your feedback. You get to rate your feeling towards the exercise. 

It’s challenging and quite tough, maybe because of the answers I placed in the coach feedback form. But altogether, I enjoyed every exercises that the coach crafted for me. My husband and I have different sets of workout given by the coaches of freeletics. 

I also realized the importance of “warming-up” “stretching” and “intervals”. It helped ease some muscle soreness and put my body at ease during and after the workout. Honestly, I never really thought that I can do such intense workout and yet I feel excited about it. Never I realized that I have some muscles hidden in some parts of my body, good pains and soreness I never felt before. I feel stronger and driven. 

This app promises results, some testimonials says that in a disciplined, determined and serious training – it would produce great results in 15 weeks. And, I really look forward to that. 

So I will keep an update about this freeletics bodyweight journey every now and then, give feedback and hopefully can share some great and successful results, weekly, and who knows in 15 weeks – I will get my toned, lean, healthier body! 


Fitness: January achievements and summary 

Fitness: January achievements and summary 

Now that the holidays are over – I can now really, focus on my fitness and weight goals. At the early part of this year, I have decided to become more intentional with my fitness goals, so I put a “timeframe” to achieving my goals. Doing this, can help me figure realistically what I must do to achieve my goals and can clearly walk to the hows, the why’s and more… 

Looking back, in 2016, I managed to lose 10kg of my weight but I am still so far from my original desire of returning to 50s and I still have another 10kg to shed. Honestly, all I wanted to is to become a thinner momma, but later on I realized that more than losing my excess weight, the results it gave me is much more valuable, I like the discipline, the awareness, the responsibility and accountability this whole weight journey brought to my mind and my heart. 

I no longer want to be that skinny momma, I wanted to be that stronger, healthier and fitter momma for my daughter and for my husband. 
So we can live longer and together with my husband Jake, we did it. 

Along the way, we realized that people watched us, needless to share, they were encouraged by the results we gained physically and so they decided to join us. 

This new year, 2017, my timeframe is to lose 10kg of my weight and I have 15 weeks of bodyweight program to shed, to tone my body and to improve my endurance. Hopefully, I will achieve the results that I want. 

I have already started doing it this month. I realized that in order for me to review my progress, I need to consistently track my food intake and my physical activities and exercises. 
I weigh every weekend and I also measure my thighs, my arms and tummy, this helped me see my little achievements and I get encouraged by that, which is like a fuel that keeps me going. 

So in summary; 

January, I ran 12x for the whole month. 10 of those runs are 5km runs and the other 2 runs is 3km. My best run is at 6.33kpm at 5km.

And the best part is, I lose 3kg off my weight. It’s 2kilos behind my original target but still, it’s better than nothing. My thighs got leaner, I developed some shoulder blades, and got to lose some tummy fats.. My husband loved it and Im happy. 

I can’t wait. The whole process is really tiring but Ive got to get my focus on it – I can’t quit, not now. Not tomorrow. Not when it rains or when Im sore. I can’t. I must achieve this, I can do this! 

February goals is looking good, Ive got tons of training days with my husband and friends and hopefully I will reach my February goals successfully. 

I know I have to talk to myself to it, the early morning runs is not going to be easy, the healthy food choices is never going to be the first choice, the muscle sore and my normal inclination of just laying down may sometimes win – BUT, it will all mean nothing when I am laser fixed with my goals. I am convinced that all of these will bear fruits and I would not be disappointed with the results, it will all be worth it! 

And, yes, I am going to achieve this. This month February, I would summarize a wonderful result and Im going to see it before my eyes. 

I am pumped up! Let’s do this! 

Fitness Goals 2017: Learn Consistency and Discipline

Fitness Goals 2017: Learn Consistency and Discipline

Last year, I celebrated my successful journey of losing 10kg weight off my body. I was not that fitness-guru who was very consistent with my routine. In fact, as I looked and review my run tracker, the intervals of those days that I ran and the days I don’t were like months apart. 

My consistency isn’t really encouraging. I definitely would always stop when I see little weight and body improvements. My love for food always wins over my desire of getting fit. 

It was not a year of determined losing weight testimonial, it was more like – lazy kind of fitness journey. However, I still managed to lose some of those, but I could have done better if only I have that discipline and drive and consistency. 

10kg is not at all bad, but I wish I could have done much better. 

Holidays came, dinners here and there, parties, luncheons, reunions – all gave me wonderful time with people and a whooping 5kg increase back to my body. Surprise, I gained! 

Now I’m feeling so guilty. I felt like, how could I ever let myself go back to square one, again? As we all know the comeback is always the most difficult part. 

It’s not easy to get that mental state of working out hard again and everything that you have to work out on just ti achieve your target. It’s definitely double effort this time, this year. 
My workout summary would definitely look messy, some days I have, most days I don’t. My determination level is low and my “it’s okay – Ill make it up next time” excuse days are super high. 

But as they always say “don’t cry over spilled milk” , I realized that whining won’t help, I really have to get myself pumped up and do something about my weight gain and reach my fitness goals this 2017.

One of the 5 biggies in my goals this year is “fitness”. I dream to see myself back to my pre-maternal weight, which means I have to lose 15kg off my body weight this year. Not only losing it, but making sure I get to establish a healthy eating lifestyle, to stay fit and wear clothes back to “s” sizes.

As I write this blog, I have already started my “night runs” 5 days consistently. In fact, I have to skip work today – because my body is really sore. It’s been a while since my body got tired, productively.

For that 5 days, I have ran 5km per night, improving my phase and speed, my endurance and my breathing. So far, it has been good. And I plan to be consistent in this.


They say that the secret to reaching your goals, is to visualize the “process” involving it. That means you have to be specific with the steps you have to take so you can reach your destination. 


It’s not about how long or how far, but it’s all about how many times, how consistent are we in doing the process to reach it – how determined and focused are we in reaching it. It’s all about consistency and discipline. 

As usual I have come up with some personal pointers, I apply to my life – so I can become successful with my fitness targets.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is always the key to anything. It does not matter whether you run your fastest today, what matters is how many times will you be willing to set aside time to run? Consistency is not dependent on our mood – when we are consistent that means, no moods, no weather, no excuses could get in our way. Why? Because we know that every little thing that we do is contributing something to achieving the result. 

Plan: I should run for a minimum of 5km, 4x a week. I should also run purposely, making sure that I would log a minimum of 20minutes run. 

This kind of detailed planning would not materialize if we don’t pay attention to it and if we don’t do it. Consistency is the key to discipline. 

  • Be Intentional

This year I have this word “intentional” as the basis of all my undertakings and decision makings. If we are intentional in our dealings, we learn to value time and activities. We would learn to say “no” to the unnecessary because we would always look for results. 

I apply this to my weight loss journey this year. Running is one tool to help with my goal, however, if I would not be intentional with my eating habits – for sure the results will also not come.
Is eating junk food going to help me or not? Is sleeping late will contribute to my overall strength and focus? If I skip 3 days from running, will it give me any results? 

Plan: In order for me to lose 15kg in 4 months, I must eat wisely too. Avoid sugar, processed food, rice and noodles, salty and breads. I also must take good care of my overall health to easily recover. Sleep early and drink lots of water 

  • Dont Give Up

Sometimes all good things come to those who wait. Losing weight also takes a while, same as when we gained all those weight. It takes an enormous amount of calories in order for us to be bigger – and so losing it down definitely may require a huge amount of hardwork, healthy choices and patience. 

One problem that is causing me to stop exercising is sometimes the waiting game. If it takes longer and there is no visible result – I get disappointed. But last year I learned that with the huge amount of consistency, effort, good intentions – results will definitely come out. 

Don’t give up on your goals, just keep on pushing hard, harder until you get the results that you want.

I don’t like distance running, I feel it’s boring. For 3 consecutive days, I have skipped my interval trainings and went on a distance run of 5km, the feeling was fulfilling and satisfying. There were times that I was catching my breathe, but I kept on pushing, after 6 rounds – I finished my 5km run at 28minutes. 

I promise to write as much updates regarding my fitness journeys. Let’s all learn from each other and hopefully all of us would reach all of our fitness goals. Eventually learning the value of discipline and consistency too.

Happy New Year! 

The Fitness Plan to Hit the Goal

The Fitness Plan to Hit the Goal

Pens down. Today is the second day of the new year. All “goals” have been written, but how many “plans” do we have to achieve it. 

We may have goals, but do we have “plans” to achieve it. Goals are good if it’s met, goals fail if we don’t have any steps or proposed plans in achieving it. 

It doesn’t matter whether we write the goal in the beginning, what really matters is the commitment and the effort we will put in to achieve it. 

One of the goals that I have written specifically this year in the area of health and fitness is to continue to “lose weight” and “keep fit” and “eat healthy”.

Somewhere along the yearly journey I would stop somewhere in the middle. 

In 2016, I was able to consistently establish a “running habit” through one wonderful running application I’ve followed – freeletics. I literally lose 10kg last year and maintained. 2017, I wanted to cut 10kg more so to feel lighter and younger. I felt a bit of success after that. But I’m short of 10kg more, so Ive got to work harder this year even before I go full-time mom. 


  • Lose 10kg body weight 
  • Look more fit and lighter
  • Eat healthier and greener
  • No more sugars and processed 

All set, sounds good. But imagine the “process”, the effort that I have to put in to achieve it. I can’t help but sigh a bit, because I know that it’s not going to be easy. 

But an encouragement to any plans that I have in my mind is to commit it to Him. Even God loves plans. He wanted us to be intentional people. Walking the talk, productive and excellent! 

  • Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans – Proverbs 16:3 


  1. I would need to run 5x a week for a minimum of 20 minutes each day.  
  2. I must continue not eating “too much carbs” specially in the evening, if I feel starving, THEN, I would snack on eating oatmeals instead (one that I really hate)
  3. I must be intentional with my work-outs,if I feel lazy and stressed out, THEN I would wear my running shoes until I get myself pumped again. 
  4. If it rains at night and I can’t run, THEN I will just do 150 jumping jacks and do some toning routines instead. 
  5. I will have my husband check these goals for me, log my achievements and I will never lose hope. 


I am just going to park it here. I would write the results weekly. To see if there would be any developments to my weight goals. Writing it in this section, is like hitting two birds in one stone. I would have instant topics to talk about – on my daily writing habits then I would be able to track my results too. 

Before April 12th hits, I should be weighing 50kg. That’s exactly 10kg away frim my current weight. Im tempted to write my 10kg weight loss achievements but it drags me down, because I easily get trapped with the idea of contentment. So I’d rather not, anyway, that’s also a reminder of God to me this year – to forget the former things. Whatever is done, it’s done. It doesn’t matter whether I had a good workout yesterday or not, what matter is today. 

So to start off, I will run tonight. And start my 5km run! Wohoo! 

Running Everyday

Running Everyday

With self-discipline all things are possible ~ Theodore Roosevelt

It has been a little less than 2 months since I decided to get serious about losing weight. For so many reasons, I thought it’s just good to do something about my overall wellness and to get healthier and fitter. Period. 

I have tried a lot of diets previously. Joined some “gym-time” with friends. Do some “zumba-time” alone with the x-box, tried detoxing and clean eating. But I couldn’t get the ultimate result I am expecting, reason behind it’s because, I just can’t keep up. I stop in the middle, when it gets harder and when it comes uncomfortable I just quit. The I realized, that determination is not enough. In order to change and in order to be consistent, I must first have self-discipline. 

Determination is only the first step, but to be intentional and to always do good things, good choices and healthy re-routes should be a top priority becauss it’s all to developing – self-discipline. I have to talk to myself each day and convince myself that in order for me to reach my health goals, I must be willing to give up my “old-normal” routines and get myself used to the “new-normal” routines. Like these ones below; 

1. Drink more water. 

2. Declutter all the junkies (junk-food and sodas). 

3. Lessen coffee intakes, lessen the sweets.

4. Less carbs, limit to a cup of rice (I am asian and I love rice).

5. List down your food intakes everyday and try to stay on your required kcal count. 

6. Cook your own food and bring food at work. 

7. Stop watching cooking shows & food network.

8. Do your grocery once a week, fill ypur basket with greens and proteins. 

9. No cheat-day! 

10. Exercise, run everyday! 

Yes! I run everyday (6x a week). I downloaded an app called “freeletics” and it’s forcing and encouraging me to go beyond my limits. I am encouraged everyday with the results my heart, my lungs, my weight and my posture feels. Is it hard? Yes, definitely. Could I keep up? Yes, I believe so. My body likes the sweating, the flush of blood and the heartbeats it gives when I run & the after burn! Running is one simple task, all you need is a good pair of shoes, wide outdoor space & a whole lot of willingness – you will be good to go. It should have a special place in your daily routine. Until it becomes a lifestyle! 

(next on my blog; review on the app “freeletics run”; “best running shoes”; “underarmour youvsyear challenge; preppin’ for marathon and “distance run or interval running?”) 

Found Self-Discipline in my Reading

I have been reading the bible and was able to find a perfect time of the day to consistently meet with God, daily. And with that includes my bible reading, reflections and prayer. By God’s grace I found myself, developed a Godly habit that helped me a lot in my manner of life. Surprisingly, the word of God made me look into the stagnant details of my life and my attitude and encourage me to do something about it. One of those is my “self-discipline”.

Having Self-discipline could not be done overnight. And for most parts it demands a lot of change, continous effort, self-control and self-motivation to do what is right versus to the things or what you are accustomed to. 
This month, the Lord wants me to tackle my health. I am not as healthy as before. My activities changed a lot since I got older. My choices of food has become less nutrious so I can buy much more rest time, only to find that I have gained so much unnecessary weight due to my unfavorable choices. I say, unnecessary because I dont need an extra 15kg on my weight now because of course it just leads to a lot of trouble. So yeah, I looked into the mirror & I found myself bulging so much, & to be honest, thats not the first time. (I dare not post a picture to prove it 😝)

Anyway, I have made smart choices now. I am so empowered by the word of God that well be able to finish all things through His strength. And that by His grace we can accomplish things if we believe. I have started to cut down on a lot of junk on my food intake, my nutrition is my top-most priority each time I shop or when I cook, or what I bring to the table to serve my family. I also have looked into possible ways of losing weight and viola! I found the most mentioned sport in the bible “running”. 

So far I have lose 4kg in a week of smart eating and running. Believing to lose more, 11kg more. It’s developing that consistency, continously reminding of the excellent result it may bring to me and my family and never giving up attitude. Self control is also the key and asking God’s grace to continue when it’s getting hard and having a support system to encourage you when you want to give up — are all the key elements to make this to a success! Looking forward and I am so excited! 



Til’ next health update! 🏋👟