It’s a wonderful feeling, something I could not write in words to describe the joy I feel about my husband’s homecoming! 

See, I for one spent 10 years of my life working overseas and each time my husband and I visits home in the Philippines to meet our folks and siblings, the feeling is comparable to celebrating Christmas mornings. We couldn’t sleep, we count the days, we imagine the food that we are going to eat and the list of happy thoughts goes on. 

But now that I get to stay back with my daughter here in the Philippines while my husband works overseas (not for long) there is a greater longing and anticipation as to whenever my husband comes home for a short vacation to be with us. Well gratefully for us, Jake can come home whenever there are important occassions or whenever there are long weekends or holidays – he comes home once every 2 months or if he catches an airfare deal which is really good! 

August is my birthday month and Jake is also coming home – what a wonderful birthday gift surprise. I am super delighted to have us all complete celebrating my birthday. Truthfully, I am not a fancy girl, it does not really bother me whether we celebrate my birthday or not but I am very clingy. And for the sake of establishing family traditions we wanted Jael to understand the importance of family occassions too. That’s why the thought of having Jake with us is really encouraging. That’s one gift I really wanted. 

My Birthday

This is one birthday year I would never forget! 

As the midnight of my birthday came, there were no birthday cakes or candles for me to blow, there were no songs or happy thoughts – what we had is a complete turn around of events because our baby daughter shoots a very high fever “39.5” made us really worried. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride as we bring our baby to the hospital. My one birthday wish that day is for her to be healed. I was worried. Really worried. 

There is always a first time for everything. There is always a season for everything. In our case, it’s our first time to celebrate a birthday in the hospital (if celebrate is a proper word to describe it). 

Faith Milestones

Surely our hope is in the Lord. But I must admit that I got every fiber of my body literally worried about my daughter during the whole ordeal. 
The whispers of fear cripped in my heart like daggers, slowly and it’s painful. Plus I get to hear report of kids admitted in the hospital due to an epedimic named “Japanese Enciphilitis” that’s currently in the season and the cases of affected families are like broken record to our ears. The symptoms of having high fever and vomiting is same as what my daughter is experiencing. I can’t think properly. We are at lost for words. 

I shut off. I chose not to listen to the reports. I chose to kept myself quiet and even with fear in my heart, I know that God is still in control. 

I was brought to my knees because that’s the only powerful way I know. My husband and I didn’t speak, we don’t know what to talk about. I have vivid thoughts that my husband is equally worried as I am. My prayer that day goes on and on but one particular prayer I kept on uttering in my heart is ” I declare Lord that it’s nothing serious and her fever has nothing to do with the epedimia”, over and over again. As I press on the cold compress to my baby’s forehead to lessen the fever, I cried. 

Series of test were done to my baby during that night and her pedia finally came to discuss the results. It’s urine infection and pneumonia. My baby is safe! Praise God! 

It may sound odd to some but this kind of situation made us praise God more. You know it’s music to our ears to know that it’s nothing. It’s not that deadly Japanese Enciphilitis that has no cure yet that made our daughter sick. It’s curable and she is on her way to recovery. Our greatest comfort that night was this verse; 

But he said to me ” my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:9 


We spent a week in the hospital. My one birthday celebration turned into a life changing celebration. It’s one birthday I would never forget! 

In the hospital room for days, with bills coming in and the worries that we had, slowly turned into gratefulness. Why? Because God is good. We realized that without God we could not survive a day of stress. Maybe for me, I will vanish. (Haha) 

God knew I needed my husbandJake to be with me, another set of hands to help me with our daughter. The doctors were all very accomodating, our baby responded well to the medicines, our hospital bills were subsidized – in fact the insurance took a big portion of the bill and my husband’s employer were very understanding of his situation. My husband also got a promotion when he came back to work, a surprise from his boss – something we were praying for. 

Favors overflowed. Prayers for our daughter overflowed. Support and encouragement overflowed. 

As a result, we were overwhelmed with how much mercy and grace God have for us that even in the most unfamiliar, dreaded and dark place of fear we were in – He never hid His face. And even if we can’t see the light, we knew that God was there. At the end of it all, He is our greatest Healer and Comforter. 

If there is one greatest gift I ever received this birthday year, that is God’s healing. He healed our daughter and He taught us the beauty of togetherness in faith in and out of seasons. 


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