This blog is written to honor my husband, Jake as we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. As I reflect on the many wonderful blessings I received one of these, was my marriage to my husband. 

Yes, our marriage is not perfect, obviously we are two different people with lots of differences. But, God being the center of our relationship makes those differences work together, perfectly well. 

Truthfully, I can say that I am not near anywhere I am now in terms of maturity or understanding my calling if its not with my supportive husband. 

Wonderful lessons I am learning so far in marriage; 

1. Differences makes marriage exciting. My husband and I works in the same industry doing the same thing. People would often ask how is it working for us and honestly I can say that we normally shy away discussing our corporate life experience when we are at home. It’s boring and it does not excite us at all, besides we are competitors. 

Other than that, I wish that my husband would share my love for reading or journalling instead of him watching “Jason Bourne” sequels repeatedly but he won’t. And that makes it all exciting. Obviously for the fact that at least we have something different to talk about. 

Like those movies he watches sparks interest in me to sit down and listen to him as he narrates his amazement on the characters. It does excite me to know that there our differences make us more interesting to each other, there are still so many things to share and learn from each other. 

2. Differences don’t really matter. I know many would not agree with me, but at least in our marriage we experienced that when Jake and I disagrees with some things we still find ways to agree on our disagreements. 

We often see and figure things differently but we are always in agreement that if it would benefit our relationship, the people around us, our family and our child – doesn’t matter whose idea won, we will still support and help each other. We learned to accept and respect each other.
3. Our differences makes us value each other more. In some terms they say learn to “compromise”. Our marriage has lots of those and we respect each other’s individual goals and dreams. And though we are one in the sight of God and of men, we understand that we are still our own unique person. 

We have different ways of expressing ourselves towards each other, we have different ways of tackling things, different ways of solving problems and many more. Believe it or not, we are always learning from each other. 

One example is my husbands passion for fitness, this is not something I would write in my journal of priorities. But as I learn from my husband, I learned than more than the asthetics the end results would benefit our family too, making us live stronger and better, far from sickness and learning how to be good stewards of God’s temple (our body). Later on, I joined him in his fitness journey and it’s giving me more benefits than I could ever imagined. 
I am really grateful that today God has given us a day to ponder and reflect on the many benefits of being together. Relationships make life more meaningful. 

God gave me the best partner I could ever have. We maybe different in many things, what we bring in to our table are all different expectations and insecurities but Jesus is our perfector and He makes us one. We are not different in our faith. One thing that we have in common, Jake and I love Jesus and that changes us, making us a perfect fit for each other.

Which is why I am so thankful that for 5 years of marriage knowing that we are two different people, by God’s grace we walked through life circumstances as One. 

We’ve been through lack, blessings, death, sickness, healing, unemployment, debts, giving birth, celebrations, loss and many more – our faith in Jesus keeps us together despite of our differences. This is our hope and confidence for 5 years and we look forward to more years here on earth or until we meet Jesus in heaven. 
We will grow (old) together! Yay! For more years and beyond! 🥂


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