Days are passing swiftly and now we approached week 2 of our family transitions. Having a toodler around is a sweet responsibility and it’s something that my husband and I take seriously. 

I therefore conclude that being “parents” is not only a responsibility but a “higher calling” that we must learn. If we wanted to be intentional in guiding our child to walk in the ways of the Lord, we have to make sure that we instruct only according to God’s ways. Forget all those child development fads and really dig deeper into the biblical ways, God’s methods. 

Wiping a runny nose, answering countless questions, exchanging your favorite series to peppa pig, singing animals and vegetables are just the tip of the iceberg. I learned that there is so much more that my husband and I must learn in order for us to nurture God’s precious daughter into becoming a woman God designed her to be. And we have to be faithful stewards of this precious gift, because God called us to it. 


This season of our lives is something that we always have look forward to. Being away for a year from our child, to seek better future has given a little toll on us and it’s something that we have to catch up. That is why I was seeking for tips, advises and guidance from those moms who were ahead of us. Those I think can guide me. But I realized that there is no “one” formula to it. Children are created differently and so we dare not compare who does parenting well. It’s okay to listen to the advises but we have to also filter because I realized the one who knows our child more than we do, is the One who created her.

So in our pursuit of ways to discipline our child – we found that God in His wisdom has a lot to say on how to take care of our sweetpea. God made us realized that being a parent is more than just being a maid, cook, playmate etc.. it is about molding character, training, guiding and nurturing. And what better way to do this, but to go through God’s ways. Understanding the biblical disciplines of parenting and to faithfully instruct our child in the ways of the Lord. 

The bible says; 

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians ‭6:4‬ ‭ESV

All the while I have passed through this verse I thought that it was a reminder to fathers of not provoking their children but the chunk of meat is found on the second part, which I think is a challenge. I know that it’s not going to be an easy task, but realizing the treasures and the gifts of being called a parent is already a blessing. 


No one told my daughter how to ignore us, but she does. I thought at first it’s because she was doing some interesting things, but later I found that my 3 year old daughter deliberately pretends not to hear us when we call her. Why? She just wants to or maybe no one told her that it is not good to ignore people. 

My initial reaction was to get into her way and ask her why she pretends of not hearing me? (Well, I got too emotional when I discovered it so I wanted to address it right away) 

But, God dealt with my heart, first. He made me think of those times when we His children does the same even on our grown up age to pretend of not hearing Him when He calls out our name. And we do it over and over again. What a shame! 

So I felt humbled, I realized that in order for us, forme specially, to become a good mother, I myself should tackle my heart intent and let God sort this for me. Frankly, it is always easy for us to tell our kids what they have done wrong, but it would take a lot of prayers, discipline, understanding on our part to INSTRUCT our children according to God’s word. The problem is, if we dont spend time with God, we get overwhelmed and our instructions may come from different sources causing different results. 

So I got on my knees and pray. Seek wisdom on how am I going to become that mother who reaches the heart of her child. Besides, I dont want my baby to grow up pretending or to be someone she dont want to be. I wanted her to walk in the ways God called her to be, I wanted her to respect authorities, to recognize the beauty of obedience and rise up as a woman after God’s own heart. So when she grows up, when she is on her own, capable to think on her own, she won’t let go of these principles. 

Of course, I won’t expect my 3 year old to be like that tomorrow, it would definitely take time. It will take time. My calling is to respond in passion and ownership because I am sure that the rewards are far greater than I could ever imagine. It is my calling, my priority and my struggle and my goal. So I will rise to this occasion and accept motherhood with humbleness. I will love, train, guide and nurture my child in the way God has called me to do. 
I would gladly exchange my favorite tv shows just to check if the things she’s watching is helping her or not. I would gladly listen to her stories over and over again until she learn to speak in wisdom. To watch her ways over and over again, to guide her to the path until she reaches her destination, to where God has called her to be. 


This week gave us valuable lessons. Yes, it is not easy to become a parent – but be encouraged because this means that we will witness God’s wisdom unfolding as we train and guide our kids, manage our homes and nurture our families.
And God’s grace our children in the future will arise and call us, blessed! 


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