The Mishaps Of The First Time Mother : Story Of My Life 

They say that there are no perfect parents, but, we can be excellent in this divine role that we are called to do. If you are called to be a parent, a mom or a dad – you can be excellent at it! There’s hope! 

In intro, our family does not have a perfect family set-up, our work overseas gave us a momentary distance with our little one for almost a year. We have our financial priorities to settle and the only way to earn more in a shorter period of time is to go abroad. Not only the pay is high, but opportunities are a lot. So my husband and I decided to work overseas and leave our childcare to my mom in law. (Some may not understand this situation but it’s something that most of our countrymen do, due to lack of opportunities)

Now, here is the fun part… after a year of tears, patience, hardwork, prayer, sheer determination, blood, sweat & by God’s grace we reached our goal. It’s time to go back home, for good. Fast forward to the present situation, my work as a financial consultant in the corporate world has FINALLY ended and I am now venturing to a full-time housewife role. (Some of my friends cringe when they hear this, but I am excited – because I know God called me to this) 

After months of prayers and interceeding and seeking God’s answers, we finally made it through this wonderful decision. My husband and I thought that this is what God wants us to do and for myself, I am sure of my calling this time – to become a mom/homemaker/housewife. After all, God is entrusting me with huge opportunities of not only taking care of his son (my husband), our home affairs but most important, the future of the next generation (through my daughter). 


Oh joy, glad that finally we are reunited together after a year. My baby, my husband and myself, just us, no helper, no parents – just us. 
And migrating process demands lots of errands, which is obviously part of our transitions – it does requires us to travel for a moment and since we worked overseas for a decade we still have some paperworks to accomplish. That’s why we still need to stay for 2 more months overseas (in the country we are residing in) but good news, this time we got to do all these with our baby – as a family. 

So we got on to our plane, all set. Checklist are all okay, checked in our luggages and finally settled on to our seats. And to cut the long story short, we reached our destination easy-peasy. We landed safely  and when it’s time to head on to the immigration, suddenly, my 3 year old toodler decided to poop. Oh yes, it was that awful smelling boombastic poop that I need to attend to, ASAP! (There is no explaining here, my baby needs to go, quickly)

So right after immigration, we went straight to the toilet and baam! When I checked our bags – its incomplete…Ive got no wet wipes, no extra baby clothes, all I have is one diaper, yes… just one spare diaper. So I have to relax and think breathe in and breathe out, there must be a way to this… 

So, I have to be creative this time, I must find ways to clean up my little princess. So I went inside the cubicle and reality kicks in,  I think I need more than tissues, so I tried to clean as much as I can but that stinking smell is still there. Grabbed my  water bottle inside that carry-on bag so I used it to wash my baby. And by the way there was no baby room available for us, so I have to do it inside that cubicle – good thing it’s clean and tidy. As for the clothes, Ive got my smallest pair of shirt on my other bag that looked like a dress to my baby, so it’s okay. It was a memorable experience. 


Aside from the very obvious lesson which is to keep everything in check and always bring extras of everything… Ive got tons of lessons that I took away from that experience.

  • When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade

I realized, that there are no abc’s to motherhood, well maybe not for all. We all learn from our mistakes and there are no perfect mothers. Learn from experience and be ready when situation calls us to think on our feet, make a solution. When it comes to our little ones, we got to be creative, finding ways and resourceful, its not the time to whine and cry – this is about them. Situations can vary, but we have to be on our toes thinking and resolving. 

  • Accept your mistakes, forgive yourself and improve, be better

Mistakes and failures are tools for learnings. Sometimes even as we read books or listen to other’s experiences we still forget but the moment we experience it ourselves, how is it like to forget a simple “wet-wipe” to put inside your bag – what will happen and etc… you’ll learn. So next time, before leaving home, check and recheck, do some checklist separated for the needs of your child. Do a system that works best for you. Doesn’t have to perfect just a practical system that is workable for you, for your husband most importantly for your child. 

  • Be humble and continue learning

First time mothers like me, tend to be excited to do all things, all the time specially concerning the affairs of our baby. We all want to be hands-on.  
And because we are moms, we always hear that “mothers knows best” we sometimes pretend that we know best – but admit it or not we don’t know everything. There are so many things to learn. Thus, require us to continue learning from people we know best, our very own mothers, the other moms who has more experience than us and of course looking up to the only perfect parent, God. 
We can’t absorb motherhood in one sitting, it may take a while to learn all, but if we are willing, we can be excellent in this calling. Open your heart and learn, don’t stop and practice it all the time. 


Be encouraged moms and dads. Although, we sometimes fail with our planning and etc, it’s okay. Here is our comfort: 

Lamentations 3:22–23

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end;
They are new every morning;
Great is your faithfulness.

We always have our hope and our greatest comfort is knowing that although we are inadequate, we may sometimes miss the mark – God, our heavenly Father will always fill our cups and He will teach us, He will guide us on our way in fulfilling our highest calling, to disciple our children, to become excellent in our purpose and to nurturing the next generation. 
So Moms, don’t stop, you’ll get there! 


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