READ: Hosea 8:7

“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. The standing grain has no heads; it shall yield no flour; if it were to yield, strangers would devour it.” ‭‭ Hosea‬ ‭8:7‬ ‭ESV‬‬


This verse gives diligent reminder about our daily time expenditures – where do we spend most of our time with? Does it give us favorable results in the future? Does it give eternal value or does it even add any value to what we consider is important to us? 

Then a personal question hit me: Have I been slacking lately? My answer is, yes. I think there had been some areas of my life, which I have not really been consistent with. I realized that when I slack, I am not tackful and I tend to go around and it slows down my growth areas. I slack when I lose focus. And then, it goes on…

The moment I lose focus or I lose track on my goals, I would blindly invest my precious time on superficial and non-important things. I can easily say yes to things that are not so important, or I welcome too much agendas or activities that does not give too much of a value to my goals. Then I will begin to squander around. 

I realized that when this starts to  happen, I would always see myself overwhelmed with the truth that I have not really even move forward towards any of my goals. And that’s when I would re-track and start getting serious with my personal planning and execution. There will be times that I can ransom it but most of the time, I would miss the mark. Then I would settle for “it’s okay, Ill just try to make it better, next time”.

That’s clearly a problem. For some, we think that a little bit of this and a little bit of that can help us, truthfully, when we become too naive with our poor choices, we will never meet any of our life goals. 

Fact is, It’s not all about being a “do-gooder” but it’s about knowing the value of what we are doing. If it yields no eternal or future value, then we can admit that it’s in vain. We could definitely stop toiling for it, because not only our greatest efforts would mean to nothing, but worse is that we may be striving for a “whirlwind” that may even damage our best intentions. 

Some of the best people I know has given much value only to the things that creates good results. They spend time and effort only on the things that they see themselves growing. They master the craft, they study the goals, they invest and save, they toil and wait, they carefully watch their seasons. 

Knowing and realizing this, lately,  I developed for myself  a tracking habit, where I would intentionally review myself monthly and pen down the results month in and out. I would have an honest assessment with myself with whatever progress and slacking I am doing towards my growth goals and it’s helping me a lot in terms of knowing how achievable my targets are; personally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and relationally. 

“If we sow wind, will reap a whirlwind”


1. How do you value your time and your goals? 

2. Do you give importance to the minor things that adds value in achieving your major dreams? 

3. What are you sowing? 


Dear God, help us remember to examine whatever we are doing, and that everything that we do is in line with your will. Help us become fully aware to where we spend our time with, help us recognize our choices and that our activities produces results and not empty and vain progress. Make us good stewards of time, relationships, finances, emotions and choices. Help us not neglect to give value to our spiritual growth too. In Jesus name, Amen! 


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