{this is not a sponsored blog, just a review on the app called Freeletics} 

I have been a “free athlete” for almost a year now, that’s what they call you if you are using an app called Freeletics. My inspiration in doing this workout routines and downloading the app for free came about when I saw my need to do something about my weight and fitness. Clueless and don’t know how to start, that’s how I described myself a year ago. 
My after pregnancy weight took a huge toll on me, adding to that, is my laziness and excuses – and I ended up with a whooping add-on 20kg, on my weight. Being overweight is not good, healthwise. I know I have to do something about it. No more excuses. 

I heard about Freeletics from a friend and saw some great results. Knowing myself too well, I know Im only good at first but I may give up anytime – so I hesistantly downloaded the app, so I can try. For almost a year, I was training reluctantly on and off – I trained if I feel like it or if Im in the mood, but countless are the days that I don’t. 

Surprisingly, freeletics gave justice to it’s promise – it helped me shed 10kg off my weight, which is really a shocker! It inspired and motivated me that if I go serious about my weightloss, maybe, I can reach my goals. Maybe this time, I should be more intentional, since I am already doing it. 

Freeletics, is a very straightforward, intense and motivating app, I would say. The “running” workouts are designed not to exhaust the runner on long miles of distances, rather, they teach more in building endurance, improving speed, helping you learn your breathing, catching the techniques – making rookies, like me, feel like they are being taught by a professional sprinter. 

They made the routines and workouts exciting – making you work on your speed, giving you ample of space to rest after each sprints so you can prepare for the next intervals. They gave an exciting approach on how to enjoy running, they have lots of varieties, intervals, long and short distance runs adding to that, the testimonials and motivational videos that is really inspiring, makes you run more and more. 
They are quite generous to let you try some of their free workouts, on their free version of the app which gives you the whole experience of freeletics. Helpful for those who just want to give it a try. One note though, it gives results. Making you want more. I guess the marketing is really good, but, more importantly the results is really acceptable. 

As a result of my running workouts successfully, I lose 10kg last year, even if I was inconsistent with my training. With the results I got from last year and the commendations I get from friends who continuously tell me that I lose weight, I got convinced that I really have to be more serious with my fitness and become intentional with my trainings. 

Finally, last night, my husband and I, decided to buy the paid-app with a personalized coach to make our trainings more personalized. The app caused us $54 dollars for a 3months subscription. The paid subscription includes a personalized coach, personalized program matched to your capacity, a coach feedback and monitoring and a structured training workout. They also included the freeletics nutrition and running app – luckily, we got discounts too. 

Here’s how the paid-app look like; 

Was it worth it? 

Although it’s too early to tell, I would still say yes, compared to the huge pricing of gyms plus personal trainers – freeletics definitely is much more cheaper. Another plus is that you don’t need to travel far from home to do the workout, no need for the machines, all you need is the app and your availability. It’s you, your body, the app and the nature. Everywhere and anywhere definitely can do the workout. 
On the onset, the app gave a questionaire for us to fill out, giving a brief description on your weight, height, goals, gender, work type and willingness to train. Based on your answers, the app will analyze and match the possible coach suitable for you. 

Next is the physical test, the app will load some exercises for you to do and based on that you will give your feedback, per exercise. The physical test includes 50 jumping jacks, 50 high knees run, 10 burpees and 50 climbers — every after each workout, you get to share your feedback. You get to rate your feeling towards the exercise. 

It’s challenging and quite tough, maybe because of the answers I placed in the coach feedback form. But altogether, I enjoyed every exercises that the coach crafted for me. My husband and I have different sets of workout given by the coaches of freeletics. 

I also realized the importance of “warming-up” “stretching” and “intervals”. It helped ease some muscle soreness and put my body at ease during and after the workout. Honestly, I never really thought that I can do such intense workout and yet I feel excited about it. Never I realized that I have some muscles hidden in some parts of my body, good pains and soreness I never felt before. I feel stronger and driven. 

This app promises results, some testimonials says that in a disciplined, determined and serious training – it would produce great results in 15 weeks. And, I really look forward to that. 

So I will keep an update about this freeletics bodyweight journey every now and then, give feedback and hopefully can share some great and successful results, weekly, and who knows in 15 weeks – I will get my toned, lean, healthier body! 


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