As promised, here’s my first installment to understanding and studying the life of Solomon. My inspiration in studying his life, birthed from reading the book of Proverbs. His life was narrated in the book of 1Kings chapters 1-11, there are so many things to learn from the life of the wisest king ever lived, the son of the most famous king of the Old Testament David – so here’s the 5 things I took. 


In summary, Solomon is really a man gifted with wisdom, discretion and leadership. He got his royalty, maybe from his genes, but clearly, God gave it to him generously, in fulfilment to God’s covenant with David, his father. 


  1. Integrity matters

Wisdom comes from hearing and doing. Although, Solomon is still the “wisest” person who lived, he didn’t follow all that he learned from the Lord. Later on, his actions proved that he didn’t obey and clung into his own judgment about women, his wants. As they say, it doesn’t matter how you started, what matters is how you finish. His integrity fell off the mark at later part of his life. 

Solomon started good but he didn’t finish well. Yes, he is not at all perfect, but it’s also good to note that, Solomon even with his good background of wits and good knowledge – he still failed, how much more are we? To live with good integrity, we must fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and the FINISHER of our faith. 

2. Follow the warning signs

The Lord didn’t waste a chance not to warn Solomon about the dangers and consequences of him running after women. He didn’t pay attention, instead he pursued what he wanted, he had 700 wives and 300 concubines, that turned his heart away from the Lord. He walk on his own understanding, he forget to acknowledge the Lord, in his decisions, with his relationships. 

Warnings and cautions are given ahead of time, often we don’t know what’s out there but if we don’t pay attention to these warnings, we will surely fall into it’s dangers. Value instructions! 

 3. Invest in the next generation 

One blessing Solomon inherited from his father David was his throne, fame and glory. In which Solomon didn’t give to his son because of the consequences of his sinning. Solomon robbed the chance from his son to reign because of what he did during his time. His son suffered and bear the consequences of a divided kingdom, adversaries created against the kingdom, because of his father’s stubborness. What an inheritance, a mistake that cannot be taken away from the future of next generation. 

As a parent, I am reminded of my actions and my investments on my daugther’s future. The way I treat myself physically, my marriage, the way I handle our finances, our spirituality and our souls, the way I value relationships and family – will all contribute to the future of my daugther. That’s why I have to be more intentional, henceforth. 

 4. Hearty Decisions 

One of the most prominent character traits of Solomon is his godly wisdom, which seemed to have vanished after he run women after women from different nations. His credibility and integrity vanished and so his decision makings went hay-wired, because his heart is at the wrong place. He made temples for gods, that has no value and has caused God to be angry. He made hasty and thoughtless considerations to his actions and just did what he felt like doing. 

Our decisions, can go wrong if we our hearts is at the wrong place to begin with. Our human inclination is always towards sinning, and if we are not guided and if our minds are clouded by too much of our selfish desires and aspirations, surely our lives will be miserably damped into failures. Solomon’s discretion earlier in his life always sprouted from his good and deep relationship with God, cautious, guided and careful. But when he started sinning, and his heart is no longer wholly before the Lord, his decisions failed. He failed miserably. 

5. Invest on Godly friendships

One of the greatest things Solomon did during his early years of reign was to surround himself with people who could help him establish his leadership. He handpicked and chose carefully the people who would surround him throughout his tenure which helped him focus on his agendas, because he got all the qualified people around him. 

Toxic relationships, definitely affects our whole being. Be wise in choosing friends and relationships, we wanted to be intentional with those whom we wanted to spend our time, effort, asset and life with. We don’t want to waste our passing time to people who doesn’t contribute any growth to ourselves. 


My prayer for us is that we would learn from this man of wisdom, he, like us is frail and prone to make mistakes despite his wisdom, he still failed. The lessons and learnings from his life, we must always remember and not be taken for granted. 

Remember what he wrote in his proverbs; 

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:5-6‬ ‭

Let us not be wise with our own eyes, nor learn to be proud and not take instructions. Let us learn to value the experiences of others, learn to integrate God’s word as the basis of our lives and learn to trust God and acknowledge His standards, His ideals, His words in all of our ways – so we can finish strong! 


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