Now that the holidays are over – I can now really, focus on my fitness and weight goals. At the early part of this year, I have decided to become more intentional with my fitness goals, so I put a “timeframe” to achieving my goals. Doing this, can help me figure realistically what I must do to achieve my goals and can clearly walk to the hows, the why’s and more… 

Looking back, in 2016, I managed to lose 10kg of my weight but I am still so far from my original desire of returning to 50s and I still have another 10kg to shed. Honestly, all I wanted to is to become a thinner momma, but later on I realized that more than losing my excess weight, the results it gave me is much more valuable, I like the discipline, the awareness, the responsibility and accountability this whole weight journey brought to my mind and my heart. 

I no longer want to be that skinny momma, I wanted to be that stronger, healthier and fitter momma for my daughter and for my husband. 
So we can live longer and together with my husband Jake, we did it. 

Along the way, we realized that people watched us, needless to share, they were encouraged by the results we gained physically and so they decided to join us. 

This new year, 2017, my timeframe is to lose 10kg of my weight and I have 15 weeks of bodyweight program to shed, to tone my body and to improve my endurance. Hopefully, I will achieve the results that I want. 

I have already started doing it this month. I realized that in order for me to review my progress, I need to consistently track my food intake and my physical activities and exercises. 
I weigh every weekend and I also measure my thighs, my arms and tummy, this helped me see my little achievements and I get encouraged by that, which is like a fuel that keeps me going. 

So in summary; 

January, I ran 12x for the whole month. 10 of those runs are 5km runs and the other 2 runs is 3km. My best run is at 6.33kpm at 5km.

And the best part is, I lose 3kg off my weight. It’s 2kilos behind my original target but still, it’s better than nothing. My thighs got leaner, I developed some shoulder blades, and got to lose some tummy fats.. My husband loved it and Im happy. 

I can’t wait. The whole process is really tiring but Ive got to get my focus on it – I can’t quit, not now. Not tomorrow. Not when it rains or when Im sore. I can’t. I must achieve this, I can do this! 

February goals is looking good, Ive got tons of training days with my husband and friends and hopefully I will reach my February goals successfully. 

I know I have to talk to myself to it, the early morning runs is not going to be easy, the healthy food choices is never going to be the first choice, the muscle sore and my normal inclination of just laying down may sometimes win – BUT, it will all mean nothing when I am laser fixed with my goals. I am convinced that all of these will bear fruits and I would not be disappointed with the results, it will all be worth it! 

And, yes, I am going to achieve this. This month February, I would summarize a wonderful result and Im going to see it before my eyes. 

I am pumped up! Let’s do this! 


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