{Warning: this blog could have been written longer than the usual, it came out from a heart of gratitude after reading the bible. This is also taken from the life of King Solomon, as part of my daily reflections and bible-reading} 

I never knew I would encounter this phrase today, whilst I read the life of King Solomon, in 1Kings. Acknowledge Him in all your ways, it’s a proverb that Solomon himself wrote in Proverbs 3 verse 16, but to my surprise, I found that he, himself disobeyed it. The one who wrote one of the most popular proverb, a bible verse, my parents asked me to memorized, was not followed by the one who wrote it. 

My mind started to question, WHY? 

Solomon, the wisest and richest king ever lived in the history of the bible, the successor of the throne of King David. Most respected and valued king, wrote 3,000 proverbs, kings from different natioms come to him for advise – he himself understand the value of this phrase “acknowledge Him in all your ways” and he made God angry? He didn’t followed, he didn’t walk his talk, why? 

This is our life story. 

Often, we ask God for blessings, promotions, wisdom, health, financial growth, career opportunities and more – the moment we receive it, of course we become thankful, momentarily. We can easily get swayed by the excitement and all emotions entailing the receipt of the much anticipated “gift”

I once read somewhere, they say, that we must learn to praise God even in the times of trials. While this is true, I feel that, we must also learn to praise God even in the times of blessings, praise Him always. 

Reality is that when a person is caught with too much blessings, they sometimes forget that all of these so-called “blessings” didn’t result from hardwork, not because we deserve it or not – but it all came because God wanted us to have it. He is the source of ALL things, He causes all things. Because of one reason, He LOVES us. 

Now the problem is not with God, the problem is with us. We tend to go overboard with our emotions, we become little rascals, sometimes ungrateful, other times proud of our little achievement – and we forget that if not for Him, we may not even exist. 

I started to realize that God, more than a Supreme being, He is also a loving Father. His desires for us, is countless blessings, overflowing grace, abundant life, secured future, unending hope and relentless love. Like a father, who wants to give all that he can give for the sake of his children, the sacrifices, the hardwork and patience, just to provide not only a sustainable but the BEST kind of life, one child could ever live. 

But what happens when the child learns to go on his own ways? What happens when the desire of the child becomes different from what the father gives? What happens when the child learns to do other things on his own, decides to live far-off from what the father envisioned him to be? What happens when the child thinks he can now do anything that he wants to do? 

He grieves. The heart of this father grieves. Cause no matter, how much he wanted to pursuade the heart of this child, he has no control over it. And though, this father knows the dangers and the troubles of living alone without his guidance, he can’t do much about it, because the child has already made that decision. 
He could only wait patiently until the heart of his child turns back, repenting and acknowledging that he really can’t live on his own. Until then, the child may go through a lot of pain, consequences, hurts, disappointments – the father who sees, may want to help, searching and waiting but the child refuses –  then this child will grow tired, hopeless, coming back home – then he would realized all that he had done, he would start to acknowledge “again” all the good that his father wanted for him, he would desire it, he would come back. 

Truth is, God’s love is like that. It didn’t change a bit. It’s relentless. 
Acknowledging Him, is the most forgotten virtue of His children, that is why we have to be reminded. We pursue the temporary, the ones that can easily vanish. We forget the truth, the reality and existence that God has given up all that He can give to us in eternity with Him. If blessing us is His way to show His love for us He would do it, and that is just one of His many ways. 

But we, as children, we change. Our desires if not established in deep relationship with God’s character, we change. 

Our thoughts can run wild that we can conquer the world on our own strength, we thought that promotion is the key to having it all, financial growth, wealth and self-wisdom will make way for us to dominate our teeny-tiny world. We are changed by our selfish, conceited thoughts. We always run towards our convenience, the popularity, the fame, power and money – we forget the most valuable, the most important – our heritage,our destiny,  that we are children of God. 

We are easily contented with the gifts and we forgot to thank the Giver, our Father. 
This exemplified even to the life of the wisest king Solomon, found in the book of 1Kings, chapters 1 to 11. From the beginning, even before he was enthroned as the king of Israel, God was with him. Not because he deserves it, but because of the promise God made with David, Solomon’s father. 

God blessed King Solomon with riches no one can match, wisdom no one could ever fathom and wonderful support system surrounding him. He made majestic temple out of gold, bronze and chosen stones – he could make just and right decisions, all because God blessed him. 

“Thus King Solomon excelled all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom.” 1 Kings‬ ‭10:23‬ ‭ESV‬‬

But there is one thing God requested from him; 

“Concerning this house that you are building, if you will walk in my statutes and obey my rules and keep all my commandments and walk in them, then I will establish my word with you, which I spoke to David your father.” 1 Kings‬ ‭6:12‬ ‭

Later on, Solomon fell into the pit of momentary and fading love by foreign women. He began to sin, he clung into this love that he had for women and learned to worship other gods. 

“So Solomon did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and did not wholly follow the Lord, as David his father had done.” 1 Kings‬ ‭11:6‬ ‭ESV‬

The question here is; why was he not satisfied with what God has given him? Why did he turned his heart away from God and looked for some fading love – from other ungodly women? Where did God go wrong? 

The same question, is thrown to us today, why would we not acknowledge God’s work in us? When God gives what we want, are we trustworthy enough to handle what was given to us? Would we turn away from Him? 

Even the wisest king, fell into the trap of stubborness and pride. We can easily be victimized by the earthly pleasures, momentary success and fading love – but if we tune our hearts to God, He will protect us and guide our ways to life. 


Let us not be a people who only comes to the Father to seek gifts, or when life is tough, we should come to Him for who He is to us. Valuing the eternal relationship He established with us. He has chosen us, He loved us first and He will continually do that as long as we allow Him. Let us not run away from our Father’s love. 

Acknowledge Him in all our ways, in joy or in pain, in abundance or in lack, in life or in death – because God’s love is eternal! It will last forever! He would stand strong side by side for us to face our greatest fears, our life adversaries, he would comfort us in pain, and celebrate with us in our success – He is our Father, 

He deserves to be honored. Not only when we feel like it, or when it is convenient, or when we need it – acknowledge Him in ALL of our ways, always! 

Don’t hold back! 


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