For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

This blog is a testimony of God’s goodness, protection and guidance over me and my family. 

Today, it’s business as usual, we got a surprising news from our VP regarding our company’s bid over a certain big account. This account, is the same account, I have been working with for almost all of my tenure in the financial industry. Surprisingly, we lost the bid! Another bigger company took over the account, leaving our company with a devastating, disappointing news. 

This loss, could mean a lot specially for corporate employees like us, the stake is too high. It may mean sudden job loss, career change, salary change, position change and etc. 

As our boss continually speaks and explains to us, the “possiblities” and how our company will try to work things out for us, I can hear sighs, I can see brows raising, I can feel the fear in our department’s little room. 

” Ok, any questions?” Our boss asked. A lot of “fearful”, concerned questions were raised and our boss diligently answer each once with grace and patience.

Confidently, I was not affected by the bad news. Because God has gone ahead of this scene, He knew it would come. And He knew, that I would be the very first one to feel fearful among all my colleagues. Why? I have all the reasons why, I am not as competitive as they are – being in the sales industry, my achievements were not at par as what my colleagues had produced. I would be in the bottom list, definitely! 

When my boss said the criteria for the people they would consider to keep, I know I would not make it to the list, at all. But, I was happy, why? Because even though I was not considerable for anything – God assured me of the things that may come to pass. Last year, the Lord has been very busy preparing me and my husband with so many things, including the planning and executions. 

We have gone to the most “thriftiest” way we can save money, He gave us a house , He brought the desire of going back home, instead. He gave a new sustainable job for my husband, He increased our commission in ways that we can finish all our goals for 2016. And finally we come up to an answer, that hey, I will finish my job this March 2017.

Going back, our account may only last for maybe 2months, maybe at most 6months. It’s not an accident that we happen to conclude the last day I would work in our company. I was spared, I don’t have to suffer through all the stresses of proving myself so that I’ll be kept by the company, I don’t have to rush into the motion of updating my resume, cram and get worried and so on. The Lord gave us the head’s up, trust Him and obey! 

The Lord prepared everything for me! 

And just like that, a bad news turned out to be a confirmation of what God has been doing in our lives! I am so grateful. 


I still pray that our company will recover and that my colleagues will all be secured. I am just so thankful to God for all that He has done. 


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