Today, I woke up, with a comforting and re-assuring word from our Father in Heaven, it’s found in the treasury of the Psalms of David. 

It says; 

When I consider the heavens, 

The work of Your fingers,

What is mankind that You are mindful of them?

Human beings that You care for them? 

Psalms 8:3-4

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When I approached God today, in prayers – at first the bible verse didn’t make any sense at all – I am very familiar with this verse, but as the time of day passes, the more God speaks to my heart. 

2 years ago, my siblings and I, lost our dad due to cancer. It was a heart breaking memory and the snippets of the realities of him not being there anymore is really a truth that we have to accept, we are now, fatherless. 

Some say that you cant choose your parents, I believe we are blessed to have loving, caring and nurturing parents. 

My dad, taught us a lot of wonderful life- changing instructions. He is a good father, his desires for us is not only measured by acquiring good education, becoming somebody in the society or to have a decent, good family – it is more spiritual, he wanted us to walk his walk – know Jesus and have a close relationship with him. 

That being said, means we grew up in a conservative, christian home, with defined set of christian rules and integrities. Not all of us understand it, some of my siblings rebelled against daddy, some of us – just followed. 

For us who followed, life at home is easier, but outside has been a struggle. Imagine the choices we have to make, considered our friendships and relationships, our activities and the manner we present ourselves, making sure we obey our parents, because if we dont surely there is a consequence – making us the “un-cool” kids to our peers. 

But most of us, in the family, all in all, had wonderful memories about dad. When it comes to decision makings, we trusted that our dad knows more. Of course, we come to Mom for other stuffs, but not when it is something serious – we have to hear our dad’s sound advise. 

My dad would always give us a heads-up of what to expect. He faithfully waits to hear our stories of success and cheers us up when we fail. I remember him, coaching my brothers when they played basketball, giving me advices about how men are and setting standards, giving us techniques on how to study and many more. 

But my favorite time with him, personally, is when I sit beside him and just talk to him about anything. Our exchange of letters and notes. I’d like to hear his quotable quotes, his sound advises and his wonderful journey in his career, ministry and life. 

So as I continue to read the bible today, I found joy in knowing that there are so many things in-store for me today. As I continue to study the proverbs of Solomon, I was instructed by the Lord about 3 things found in the chapter 12 verses 16 to 18; 

1. Humility and Humbleness

2. Self-control and Anger

3. Honesty and truthfulness 

Then something striked me, in the absence of my dad, there comes God, Our Father. He is aware of all the things that transpires in my heart, all the thoughts and my ponders, my fear and worries. He cares about how I present myself to the world and my character. He cares about my struggles, my goals and my plans.

Like daddy, God, He is a Father, He wants to know everything that matters to me, because it matters to Him. 

” What is mankind that you are mindful of them?” 

I wanted to understand this verse deeper, so I looked for the meaning of mindful and to my surprise here’s what I found; 

Mindful means 

– aware and conscious about 

– Inclined and willing to help

In essence, God is aware, conscious, inclined and willing to help us. But, He would not meddle with our affairs, unless we invite Him so. Until we sit down in His presence and willingly talk to Him about anything that affects us, and patiently wait for His wisdom and instructions, then He would. 

Of course, everything that matters to us, definitely matters to Him. There are some things that God won’t do for us, unless, we seek help from Him. 

Remember your first day at school? Eventhough, our parents supported us and provided everything we need, it is still us who should go inside and meet our fears and study. He cannot go inside to do the study for us, but, they would willingly sit outside and wait for us until we finish the day. 

God is the same, He would not do the things, He wanted us to do, because it is good for us – we have to face it, do it, climb it, work for it – and He will patiently wait and pick us up, and if we ran afraid He would be there to provide anything and everything for us, to come back up again. 

God, is not just a Supreme being, He is also Our Father and He loves you and me! He is a good Father! 

What do you need today? Be reminded that God is mindful of you today, He loves you!


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