The results of fasting, physically, is now showing some good results, which is actually a bonus. So I realized that I am already up for a good start. That’s why last night, I shared with husband Jake that I am really serious about losing 10kg off from my weight this year and so on. 

My husband is always very supportive of my goals and dreams, so he bought me some gears and dumbells to help me reach those goals. Downloaded some workout tutorial to help me tone the fatty places in my body. And though, I run almost everyday, I wanted to look as fit as I can, to look good as well. So I did check-out to see the exercises that helps me tone my arms, shoulders, etc – at first, it looked easy, but, it’s totally different when I did it, painful! 

“He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.” 

Proverbs‬ ‭12:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

So this was the verse, God dropped to my heart this morning during my quiet time with Him, it changed my perspective about the goals Ive set this year. It gave me a clearer picture of how is it like to plan “intentionally”. 

As to any goals, “preparation” is always one of the keys to become successful in reaching our target. Here in this proverb, king Solomon, uses “farming” as a visual for us to understand – how important planning is. 


The statement says that those who “tills” his land – will be satisfied with their bread. If we don’t prepare and just dive into things we think, we will definitely lose. We must be intentional, strategic, precise with our goals. It talked about the whole process, from preparing, to doing, to cultivating, to harvest, to baking it until it becomes bread. And he said ” we will be satisfied”, satisfaction guaranteed! 

 Planning plus hard work produces good results.

Warning: But he that follows a vain person is void of understanding – this is the opposite of those who don’t prepare, they follow. They follow the trend, they follow the popular and etc, but that’s not what God wants – if we want to achieve our goals we must be anchored to the goal-provider! 


But first what “vain” means
* To produce no result

* Conceited, excessively have high opinion about themselves

We choose the people we want to spend our time with. The circle and the group we wanted to build our lives with. We meet different people with different characters, and one that should be off our “friend’s list” is those that doesn’t walk the talk.

They blabber about this and that, but never really produced any result. To be highly effective, we need not only prepare, we also have to work hard for it and be intentional with our dealings. Our influencers and mentors should be those who can contribute to our well-being. 


So the rhema on me, is to become intentional with my actions, dealings and activities. I listed 3 major goals to achieve this month. I had to be realistic with this urgent goals – and I realized that there is really a process of prepping myself, the process of sacrifice, the removal of some unecessary things and so on. 

I once read somewhere, that those things we can routinize must be routinize, so we can preserve more energy in doing rather than being overwhelmed with planning. 

I have to start somewhere, so I made a daily log. And I commit to review where I spend my 24 hours to, is it productive? Does it add anything to the goals Im trying to achieve? If it doesn’t maybe I should not focusing in that activity. And so far, the results are giving me so much awareness – with the things I do. 
Here’s a sample of how my day was and what I did so far. 

Being intentional even to where we spend our time with. Making sure that our days, are filled with successful hours, productive minutes, so we can have a productive days – which will eventually result to a productive week, then productive months! 


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