This is a late installment for my blog series – during our Fasting Week. It was a good, life-changing experience, all in all. There were so many lessons that I took- away from this year’s fasting. 

And even as we start our year, it’s packed with good tidings, blessings, lessons of joy and strength. Yes, it’s never going to be trial proof year – but definitely we will become better, wiser and stronger…

We ended our fasting as a church family. We prayed together, we prayed for each other’s need, prayed for our nation, it’s cities and government, we prayed for the church and all it’s people. We prayed for the movement and the nations of the world. 

It was a remarkable “break-fast“, worshipping God together with songs of praise and joyful noise. It’s as if we never really fasted. It life-changing. 

Fasting is just one of the many ways we can deepen our relationship with God. It’s to set a time for Him, to really focus on Him and His words, listen intently to everything that He has to say, just humbly laying down everything at His feet – patiently waiting as He comes to us, to love us. 

My thought change from “It’s not depriving me at all – it’s more like paving a way to the most important part of Your life – God” . One of our pastor say “when you are fasting, you are like a bride busy preparing for all things on your wedding – for that very moment you will say your I do’s, you might forget eating but that’s okay, because you wanted to make things perfect – for that very moment of encounter – your I do’s to your husband“.

The whole fasting experience is really like that. It deepening, soaking-in, just dwelling in the heart of God. Out of the 52 weeks in one year, it’s that 1 week of honoring God by asking Him to be our guide and provider of anything that we will be needing.

Hearing instructions, feedback through corrections, disicipline, plans and purposes, His promises and more. 

On the side note, Fasting – also helped me recover from my bloatedness during the holiday season. And I was able to prove to myself, that I am not going to die, if I don’t eat the way I want. I can really control my eating habits, food choices and portions. 

I feel that it’s good for my tummy and my overall health. I might do this, quarterly – let’s see. 

God’s promise came, as expected. I have tons of notes regarding this – but one of the most wonderful promise that I would keep for this entire 2017 journey is this; 

fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭41:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Leaving this note here, from one of our church leaders and the CEO of Rohei, Rachel Ong, she said; 

“If you want a great year, you just need twelve great months. If you want a great month, you need four great weeks. If you want a great week, you need seven great days. If you want a great day, you need twenty-four great hours. And if you want a great hour, you need sixty great minutes.”

It is going to be a great year indeed and I’m going to be in the moment, I won’t miss God’s purpose and plans awaiting me for the coming days. I would embrace all the favors and blessings He had prepared before me. 


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