My Saturday is fulfilled with great productivity and my heart is bursting with so much gladness, I was given an opportunity to serve our uncles and aunties in one of the old folk’s home in Singapore.

What a great privilege to serve the older generation for all of the contributions they’ve given, that we now enjoy currently, as the younger generation. 

My heart is bursting with so much gratitude and I felt so renewed seeing all of the older folks. More than mercy, I felt that we just needed to pour love and compassion on them. 

One of the many lessons I got in my heart today is the lesson of availability. How much are we willing to give for the people around us? How much are we willing to share to the needy? Can we open up our hands to help those who need them? 

I went home refreshed and renewed, with a different perspective about how I view people now. I was reminded that when we refresh others, all the more that we will be refreshed. 

Google image

My prayer for you is that you’ll find time to connect to your city, to become connected to your community and become a blessing. Rather than complaining and whining about the situations of the society, let’s be that light – that shines ever brightly to the world who needs it. 

Refresh others! 


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