How well do we know God? 

It’s the first day of our annual corporate fast – and it’s packed with so much lessons, revelations and instructions – my heart is so full. 

Today, as I write this blog, I am amazed with the truths  I learned about God. His character, his majesty, his goodness and His abundant love – its just too much to digest in one sitting. I can’t fit it all in words to describe how grateful I am, for all that He is to me. 

As I read along the devotionals, lessons and encouragement from our corporate fast guide, the more I get to understand God’s wonderful plans for my life, the more I am reassured that I am loved and valued, the more I see the beauty of His majesty. All my assumptions, worries, fear and etc – are slowly fading away, becoming smaller in the presence of a BIG God. 


John chapter 4 tells a story about a samaritan woman, who draws water from the well. This woman as described in the bible represents lives – just like us, broken, shattered, maybe abused or used, maybe rejected or somehow felt unloved. Her life story was well written in the verses of this chapter, she was married 5 times to 5 different men, by the time she met Jesus, she still living with one of those men.

Imagine the feeling of getting into relationships gone worst, then left you with a broken heart, then comes another whom you thought would be the answer to your sorrows, and repeats it, just the same. What will it make you. Her heart must have become numb, wounded by too much failures, disappointments, bitterness and sorrows. 

But as Jesus sat on the well, waiting for the woman to draw water from it – approached the woman by asking her “draw water for me to drink“. In essence the statement of Jesus, seems a bit odd, of course Jesus knew all about this woman, we can ask, why her?

What’s so special with this Samaritan woman, that she was offere to serve Jesus? What’s in her, as we remember, her reputation is not remarkable, in fact making her the least person to make in the “servant” list of the Lord. 

The beauty of that statement lies in the heart of Jesus, for sure He knows what happened to the woman, but it doesn’t matter – the statement of Jesus falls like an invitation for the woman to draw strength from Jesus. Regardless! 

The validation of our faith lies not in our backgrounds, our past, from where we have come, it doesn’t matter – Jesus comes to meet us and He surely comes right where we are. Be it in the most confusing time of your life, in the most undefinied situation or it could even be the happiest – He will meet you right where you are. 


So the woman asked Jesus, how is it that you are asking me to draw water for you, (she knows about their differences, Jesus is a jew, and it’s not acceptable for Jews to associate with Samaritans). 

But Jesus replied in verse 10, he says ” If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.”

Isn’t it true, that because we are naive and ignorant of who God is and what He is, we often missed the benefits of His presence in our lives. We think too much of our own struggles, our life miseries and worries and forget the real deal and that is to know God. We only remember Him in times of trouble and sometimes accuse Him for things we don’t understand. 

In reality, He was just right there all along, He may have called us – but our own voices seems louder than His, so we missed it. Our pride may also have blocked His invitation, thinking that He can’t do anything, we rely on our own strength and understanding – we break. 

In Proverbs 1:7 it says, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. 

That reverence and fear described by king Solomon came because Solomon understood the character of God. The only way to have wisdom is to know God. 

We don’t know because we never really come to that point of truly desiring Him and delighting in Him. And yet, when life gives us lemons, flowers and butterflies – we are shocked, we couldn’t believe that good things can come, but truth be told, “if we only knew” – all these things are just the result of God’s unending favor and mercies for men. 

The schemes and lies of the enemy of our soul, steals that anticipation and longingness to sit down and hear from God, all the good and perfect gifts He has for us. The enemy bombards us with deceit, traps, consequences, problems – we become numb, naive and broken. We move on with life, drawing our resource from the man-made well – not knowing that there is a better well that flows streams of living water. 

If we only knew… God sits right there in front of us, asking us to come to Him. We don’t have to struggle, no more, we only have to give it to him. 

What I have learned from this are so valuable from the way I see God now, He is not just watching over the affairs of our lives. He is not there, like a genie, only granting wishes or giving us sanctions if we don’t obey. God is more than anything we could imagine of Him, He only desires real, authentic, genuine connection with Him. And here’s some more truths about Him. 

1. He meets us where we are

You maybe busy dealing with your own pity party. Busy dealing with your struggles and trying to find solutions – in whatever situation we are at, God will meet us there. 

2. He calls us from where we are

We don’t need to pretend, God is our Father and He knows us by name, He calls us right where we are. You don’t have to be perfect to approach Him. 
The choice is either we respond or we reject Him, the moment He calls, truth is, His presence is everywhere.

3. He knows us fully

No need for story telling, God knows our needs, our weaknesses, our sins. There is no sin too great for His grace. We don’t need to hide away from Him, for He understands us. 

4. He loves us more than we ever know

If we only knew, who God is – we will never be ashamed to come to Him. We will never trade Him for anything, His plans, His purposes in us – His desires to heal us, comfort us, strengthened us – for a beautiful exchange of surrending all our sorrows to Him, because He loves us. Period! 

5. He will never run out or run dry

We all get tired of life, with everything that comes with it. The problem with us is sometimes, we connect ourselves to wrong sources. We ask help from people, who is very limited. We forget that God has enough room for us to take us all in. He is a source does not only quench thirst, but runs with living water, able to quench even our parched souls and thirsty hearts. It’s limitless and unending. 


If we only knew, that all these things are available – imagine how many marriages could have been saved, how many families could have been fixed, how many riches, honor and glory we could have tapped in, how many souls could have been healed.

The knowledge of God comes with fear and reverence, understanding all these truths about Him. If we don’t reject Him, He is just right there for you and me, sitting in front of us, calling us – only if we pay attention we could grasp all of the wonderful things God has for us. 


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