How time flies, we are now on the second week of the new year, some of us may still be in the easing time to go back to our routines, especially after a very long holiday, full of fun, reunions, laughters and food. 

How do we start a year right? 

It’s a wonderful thought to ponder. For some people, they maybe coming from a tough year full of testings and trials. A new year is a breather. To others maybe different, but regardless of our different situations, a new year signifies a new chapter, a new beginning. It may also mean an ending to some things in your life, leaving some baggages behind, so you can move forward. 

Our church, annually, declares a corporate fast. It’s a wonderful time of rebooting ourselves and re-aligning our focus and attention to God. To hear from Him intently, to know His character and know His words. 

For years now, we have participated in our annual fasting – and yearly we are receiving fresh and mighty revelations and instructions from the Lord. 

And it’s always an awesome experience to celebrate God’s answers corporately. Hearinf testimonies of life and faith. Which is by the way practical to become a year starter, acknowledging the One who gives wisdom and favors for the whole year. Have some instructions, blueprint, year agendas from the Master Maker. 


“But Jesus answered them, “You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.” Matthew‬ ‭22:29‬ ‭ESV‬‬

(Read Matthew 22:23-33) 

This verse is Jesus timeless answer to the Seducees who tried to trap Him with their silly question about a woman who married 7x. Jesus’ reply, which is no surprise, in essence is the story of our lives. 

Very often we come to God, asking Him questions that are silly, because we don’t know Him, fully. We come and approach Him clueless of His power and His words. And we act as if we understand everything. 

How relevant this verse is to our yearly experiences. Many times we approach our future, having uncertainties, sometimes we even have fear of the future because we don’t know what’s ahead of us. We ask God questions, then His answe would be “because you know neither the Scriptures and the power of God”, that’s why. 

How many times, even as we look back to our past, we committed mistakes and suffer consequences in the end, because we simply don’t know, ignorant. How many times our plans failed, we got into situations of troubles and problem because we were clueless of the solutions. 

For some, who have been hopeless, new year is just like any other years. Nothing to expect, nothing to to change – just live it the days as it passes. Even that, maybe wrong, because it’s only those who quit and gave up early, didn’t see what’s in store because they didn’t move forward. 



As I reflect on this verse, I realized that we cannot approach our years – just like that, ignorant and clueless. God is very intentional when it comes to our character. He don’t want us to be successful, more than ever, He wanted us to become His faithful children, just like Him. Everything that matters to us, matters to Him. 

He wanted us to approach life, intentionally. Not just like beating the wind, aimless, we must have goals, we have destinations to reach. He don’t say things just for the sake of speaking. He gives life, hope and directions. The only way to tap that wisdom and instructions, is to sit down, have some talk with God. 

Our year should start right – by honoring God first, the author and finisher of our faith. Yes, we cannot predict our future, for sure, but we can have a glimpse of our destination, if we sit down, get to hear from the Lord himself, His plans for us, His plans to give us hope and a future, not to harm us. 

We cannot be wise in our own yes, lest we wanted to take risk of missing out on God’s instructions. 


Regardless of our situations, let’s begin our journey with a humble heart, ready and empty to know God’s plan. Let us become intentional this year with our relationship going deeper with the Lord. And even as we already have started the year, know that our future is not unknown to Him. We have a destination to reach, a goal to achieve and all of these will make us grow, not just in years but our whole being.

Spend time knowing this from God. Don’t be like the Saducees, approaching God, clueless. Know the scriptures, His words and promise. The key to successfully navigate our life, our journey, is to give the wheel to Jesus. 

So again how do we start our year right? Have you started it right? 


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