I am on 2 day medical rest as per doctor’s advise. It’s nothing serious, it’s just a simple body sore because of the series of runs I made – 5 days ago. 

Well, times like “restdays” , are very much welcomed and appreciated in my life. I can lay down a little bit longer in bed, slow things down a little bit and do other stuffs apart from work will always be a joy – read a book, update my blog, read the bible, write my journal, do some research on my business planning, etc. 

Today is the 6th day of January and I really can see some developments with our goals this year. And my heart could not contain all the joy – to express my thrilling anticipation in receiving God’s answers to His promises and surprises. 

One of our goals this year is to migrate back home – which means that we have to do lots of stuffs in our checklist, and make it all happen – to pack our things, book our airline tickets, buy some furnitures to our new home, study about possible schools for Jael, do some business planning, find a reliable helper, research some gardening stuffs for our front and back yard, look for a family car, study budgeting -find ways to lessen our expensesto meet our savings goals and more. 

One of the major expenses that is listed in my expenditures, is our airfare. There were iterinaries and number of trips required for us to fly in order to finish our “balik-bayan” (homecoming) project. To top that off, it does not permit me to overspend, which means, I have to stay true to my budgeting and keep it transparent, no surprises or impulses,to maintain our projection.

So my airfare tix-hunting journey started. Initially, I wrote down the prices of different airlines to compare prices and the total cost for our whole family trips. It’s a series of going back here and there – so that means we may have to spend a little bit on these fares. And it’s a toll order, because it’s really very costly. Somehow it would affect my savings projections. 

So the research started. Although we have allocated the budget for it, I am not convinced that we are ready to pay that fare-amount, maybe there’s some more ways to cut down, were just not aware of it. 

Recently, I learned that airlines – specially budget flights, can sometimes declare promotions, they reduce fees, helping us save more (well call me ignorant, but it’s only now that we get to know all these) haha! They offer seat sales, they remove the taxes and surcharges on specific dates. So I waited and waited. 

Initially the budget I came up with is more than what we wanted to pay, honestly. Good thing I learned to become a “budgetarian“, a little squeeze here and there, a little alterations, a little adjustment – successfully I made a way to produce the budget we need, so we can buy the tickets even at it’s normal price. Yet, we are still hopeful, that somehow, we will not consume all of the allocated budget and maybe I can find some better deals. 


Then, a surprise came, one airline company declared a “piso fare” – all in, no surcharge, no fees – just an all in package. Who are we to decline such great offers – indeed it’s our first time to grab such kind of deal. Right away, we grabbed it. 

Funny thing is, this is not an unsual deal to many, specially, to some pinoy friends who loves to travel. But for us as a family, we are not aware of such. 
Even before when we were a little bit careless – we don’t mind paying (not to brag) because we thought, it’s just fine -it’s just a few bucks of savings and it won’t hurt us, to compensate the least, it would save us a lot of troubles of waiting, looking, searching and all that. Just book it if you need it. 

But then I realized that it’s us whose losing. I mean, we are not millionaires yet, like Bill Gates – we still have to be good stewards of our income, whether big or small, because it’s only entrusted to us by God. So we have to be mindful of our expenses and our spending habits. 
All it takes is just a little bit of strategy, research, patience and awareness. We understand that God wants us to be faithful, starting from the small so He can give us the big. 
So after series of waiting (not to long) and researching, Viola! the predicted price went down, all the way down to 60% off from the original expected price for airfare – what a blessing! Finally, I am convinced that this is exactly the price I have been waiting for, I am very much willing to pay for. Worth the wait! 

So we booked it!
The whole family is confirmed flying in the coming days! Wohoo! 


As usual, I learned wonderful lessons from this experience and journey. 

1. Always do some research
It’s always good to find ways on how we can save more and spend less. Living below our means would definitely boost more savings. 

Make sure that we are really getting the value for money, lol! Seriously though, researching is an important tool for us to indentify probabilities, possiblities, opportunities and more. 

If we let ourselves jumped in and grabbed what was offered right away and didn’t researched or carefully gave a thought – well maybe then, we’ll missed the favors and the good deals. 

2. Always be ready
Research is one thing, being ready and getting ready is another thing. If we didn’t prepare for upcoming expenses or events, we may miss the offers. What are we going to do when the promotion comes, if we don’t have a “ready” budget, we will surely can’t take advantage of it. 

Preparing is always a good thing – it allows us to be ready. Like the ants, they always think winter. Even during summer, they toil, they labor, they prepare themselves for the winter. And when winter comes – they are ready. They can relax a little because they have saved for that future season. 

“Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭4:2‬ ‭NLT‬‬

3. Be faithful

God seeks faithful children. Our consistency and intent always matter. It’s not about how much do we have, or when we can have a goal achieved. It’s about out attitude and our character. 

Being faithful even to the little entrusted things God laid down to us. When you wish to achieve a certain goal, a savings goal, a blog goal – be faithful even to the little things that can help you grow. 

Our success depends on how faithful we have become. As children of God, He demonstrated to us His faithfulness – we must imitate it – so we can experience joy and favors. 

Altogether, we are down for a little less than 80 days before going back home to start this wonderful journey with our little one in our home sweet home. 

New memories, new experiences, new stories, new lessons and learnings will surely be there. And yes, we are so ready for it. 
Hooray for a goal achieved! Wohoo! ✔️



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