One of the many things I learned from last year which I will carry out, I think to forever – is becoming “clear and intentional” with everything. 

Last year, my husband and I were so determined in reaching our savings goal and home-acquisition goals incuding our health and fitness dreams and our timeline of going back home. 

These were all the framework that guided us in many of decision-makings last year. Of course, it demanded a lot of bargaining, sacrifices and re-alignments. It also helped us re-processed our priorities. All of that helped us reached what we wanted to achieve last year. 

2017, we are excited. 

We have lots of things to achieve in the coming days. Our calendars are quite packed with so many projects and we are grateful that we have come to this stage, where we are no longer afraid of task and goals. We were successful in training ourselves to be disciplined in this aspect, yet, we are still learning. 

As I have sat down to review what we achieved, I recognized that most of our “goals” are penned down. Most of it have timelines and checklist. Our savings goals are even calculated on a spreadsheet. Wow! (Is this us? Thank you Lord for your grace and wisdom) 

So I wanted to share 5 tools (apps) we used to help us reach last year’s goals that helped us plan better. I pray that you too, will learn to become more intentional this year, clear with your plans and more strategic. And may we all reach our targets this year and beyond. 


For those of you, who have fitness goals like me, to lose weight and wanted to get the “fit” body, this app is for you. 

Freeletics is a free-app that coaches you to get fit. It is a high intensity training (HIIT) work out tool. You also have the flexibility to choose what kind of work out you want to do. You can do anything from running, body-lifting, diet and muscle toning and whole lot more. If you want to be more specific, you can use their paid ” coaches” for certain amount of dollars on a monthly basis, so to get more encouragement. It is good for those who don’t want to spend much money on the gym and wanted a hassle free training outdoors or at home. 


My husband and I discovered that much of our weight gain is due to the fact that we have eaten a lot. Most of these food that we consumed are not needed and we feel that we are so irresponsible with our choices. 

My fitnesspal helped us monitor and track our food-intake. We can easily see how much we have eaten, how much water we have consumed or how irresponsible we are in our food choices. It helped us a lot specially in the area of self-control and discipline. 

Note: You just have to be diligent in recording on noting down the food that you are consuming so it can be tracked for you. And be honest when writing the amount of food portions and when it comes to the ingredients. 


Is a new discovery for me. I love to note, to write, to blog and to journal – all that can be placed in One Note. It’s a good place to keep all my stuffs accesible, the best part is – it can be kept in “cloud drive” so to save space on storage or if you want, you can send your notes to our own emails after writing it there, so you can have more access. 

To avoid digital clutter and physical clutter – I keep all my things in one place – so I can access it all at once. 


This is also one of our later discovery. If you are like me who have lesser iphone storage it would be very difficult to keep all our memories in our built in “photo” storage. I read about google photos and after transferring all my photos in that app, I saved tons of space on my phone. No need for an upgrade anymore yet I can still keep those memories longer. Yes!
 And last but not the least; 


Yes, excel has been my bestfriend. All our plans, income, expenses, projections and yearly plans are recorded here. I keep a spreadsheet at hand, copied on my phone so I can track all our money movements. 

One key advantage I learned as a financial planner is to become intentional with out spending habits. As they say it does not matter how much you earn, what matters is how much you save. 

I learn to keep track of every single dollar that comes out of our pocket, if we missed a month, overspend, underspend, impulsively buy something – we would definitely know. I can also easily say yes or no to a project because I am aware of how much money we have. Are we on track or are we running short – we definitely know.It helps us prioritized. It gives us an overview of what our future would be like because it’s all recorded.
There is also one reminder my Dad taught me when I was younger, which I follow even now Im older, having my own little family. 

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” Psalms 90:12

This reminded me of the importance of planning. We cannot live life by chances. We have to be intentional, we have to account it’s value. One thing that we cannot change is “time“.

Although, it is not an obligatory requirement, yet it defintely wise to “number our days”. Know the value of each day, ask ourselves; 

Are we growing or we just getting older? 

If we are lazy and sluggard, we can easily spend our time on unimportant things or those stuffs that does not have any value. We may not even know our priorities, we will definitely get confused, like headless chickens. No goals, no dreams – no purpose. 

So this year, be intentional. Let’s all plan to succeed! Don’t give up even when it’s hard, find ways to reach your target. Be committed and be consistent – surely we will hit the goal! 

All photos taken from google images, not mine. 


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