Pens down. Today is the second day of the new year. All “goals” have been written, but how many “plans” do we have to achieve it. 

We may have goals, but do we have “plans” to achieve it. Goals are good if it’s met, goals fail if we don’t have any steps or proposed plans in achieving it. 

It doesn’t matter whether we write the goal in the beginning, what really matters is the commitment and the effort we will put in to achieve it. 

One of the goals that I have written specifically this year in the area of health and fitness is to continue to “lose weight” and “keep fit” and “eat healthy”.

Somewhere along the yearly journey I would stop somewhere in the middle. 

In 2016, I was able to consistently establish a “running habit” through one wonderful running application I’ve followed – freeletics. I literally lose 10kg last year and maintained. 2017, I wanted to cut 10kg more so to feel lighter and younger. I felt a bit of success after that. But I’m short of 10kg more, so Ive got to work harder this year even before I go full-time mom. 


  • Lose 10kg body weight 
  • Look more fit and lighter
  • Eat healthier and greener
  • No more sugars and processed 

All set, sounds good. But imagine the “process”, the effort that I have to put in to achieve it. I can’t help but sigh a bit, because I know that it’s not going to be easy. 

But an encouragement to any plans that I have in my mind is to commit it to Him. Even God loves plans. He wanted us to be intentional people. Walking the talk, productive and excellent! 

  • Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans – Proverbs 16:3 


  1. I would need to run 5x a week for a minimum of 20 minutes each day.  
  2. I must continue not eating “too much carbs” specially in the evening, if I feel starving, THEN, I would snack on eating oatmeals instead (one that I really hate)
  3. I must be intentional with my work-outs,if I feel lazy and stressed out, THEN I would wear my running shoes until I get myself pumped again. 
  4. If it rains at night and I can’t run, THEN I will just do 150 jumping jacks and do some toning routines instead. 
  5. I will have my husband check these goals for me, log my achievements and I will never lose hope. 


I am just going to park it here. I would write the results weekly. To see if there would be any developments to my weight goals. Writing it in this section, is like hitting two birds in one stone. I would have instant topics to talk about – on my daily writing habits then I would be able to track my results too. 

Before April 12th hits, I should be weighing 50kg. That’s exactly 10kg away frim my current weight. Im tempted to write my 10kg weight loss achievements but it drags me down, because I easily get trapped with the idea of contentment. So I’d rather not, anyway, that’s also a reminder of God to me this year – to forget the former things. Whatever is done, it’s done. It doesn’t matter whether I had a good workout yesterday or not, what matter is today. 

So to start off, I will run tonight. And start my 5km run! Wohoo! 


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