So as to any blogs there should always be a title. As to any product there should be a branding or description. As to any journey there should be an introduction. 

Year in and year out, I would wait on the Lord, to reveal His words to me. He gives me a brief description on how’s my year going to be like and from there I would have a glimpse of what to plan, what to do and etc, through His words. 


This year God spoke to me weeks before year 2016 ends. As I review and reflect on my journals and look into my “faith-goals“, faithfully, I would always, always see how much God answered all my petitions and granted much of the request over and over again. 

Since God’s word is always fresh, I couldn’t help but be grateful to His faithfulness. God gave us the confirmation to the things that we have been praying for. And God confirm His wonderful plans for our family through this promise; 

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:18-19‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Honestly, even as I write this blog tonight, my heart gets overly excited, for I know that when God says a word – He would always come through. And His promise is always something to look forward to. In fact, He already did start doing it and He has done things way ahead of us. One of the great things God has poured out to me and my husband is His wisdom and instructions. 

Forget the former things…do not dwell in the past

There had been lots of dreams and goals that I have in my heart last year, some of these didn’t transpire but it’s okay. Sometimes when my “what-ifs” knocks a bit, I would always be relieved by realizing that God has His bigger PLANS and He of course KNOW what is best for us. 
But yeah, God says forget the former things. Forget about my other plans, why? If I kept myself being pre-occupied by the former plans my what ifs and stubborness, I may miss the blessings and the favors God is about to bring. 

“Wine will never taste good in the old wineskins for they will burst and will be spilled out”

In 2016, we prayed that our family would stay in Singapore together, in whatever means possible. We were not successful. Instead we saw different situations of different people who brought their family and struggled quite a bit with their finances and etc. Some pushed to migrate in other countries thinking that it’s much better to live there, only to find out that it didn’t work out.

Of course it’s not always negative that we see, but through that, my husband and I understood that we don’t have to thrive. If we submit our plans to the Lord we can definitely get a clearer instruction on what to do. Or better yet, if we seek the Lord first before we even plan, we can snyc in our desires to His. 

Now in 2017, we are gearing towards going back home for good. And it’s something God has impressed our hearts on. The willingness that we have now compared to 2015 and 2016 is the result of our deeper relationship with God. 

Blessings and favors, does not depend on which country you are in. It does not depend on your salary base or career title. The maker of the heavens and earth has more to offer than anything this world can give. All we have to do is to abide in Him. He does not only provide abundantly but He gives promises so we can live confidently having peace and reassurance that our lives are more secured with Him! 



It’s something tangible, something obvious, something that I would sense, see and touch. Something that has evidence, it’s not just a promise – I would see it unfold right before my eyes…

In 2016, my husband and I saw God move tremendously over different situations that we face. We witnessed how God guided us in saving “money“, in planning, executions, our timelines of when to do this and that, our projections and etc.

Our biggest accomplishment, I guess, by His grace, was the discipline towards a much more intentional spending-habits. We don’t live within our means, but we tried to live under our means – this made us save more. It taught us about self-control, we learned to say “no” to the unnecesary and that made us to say “yes” to the priorities. It enabled us to purchase a home, save our emergency funds and etc. (One we never thought could happen all in a year, isn’t God amazing?) 

When we pray and we don’t wait, we may miss the wisdom God provides. We learned from God last year that everything that matters to us, matters to Him. And God’s attention to details is super remarkable. If we let Him do the works for us, while we communicate with Him, we always be amazed. 


Do you not perceive it? I am making a way.. 

Here’s a question, do you not perceive it?As I have shared, God has been busy working out wonderful surprises for me and my family since last year. Have we not perceive that? I AM MAKING A WAY, God is making a way for us, opportunities, favors, solutions, provisions, blessings and favor – He is making a way.

In 2016, when things get difficult to understand, we learned to approach God with humility. He also taught us that when things are difficult to understand, when things are not going the way we planned – Trust GOD more. And trusting is more than just a word uttered, it’s that attitude of complete surrender of your plans into His care, knowing that His character would always give us something better, something that we only need. 

In my journal last year, I wrote that by November 2016, I will go home for good. It didn’t happen. Then my plans go hay-wired again, I was thinking, “what then is the plan Lord”?

 So we waited, then to our surprise, our finances doesnt match our plans. And after a careful review on our savings versus the expenses we have we will fall short. Also, going home that early is quite abrupt – our planning is not yet that solid. We still have a lot of loop holes. So we worked harder towards that goal. 

I barely recall a moment in my life that I worked as much as I have worked last year. My husband and I were working towards a scheduled plan so we need to really produce something with the time given to us by God. He gave us all the tools and means that we need to pull it through and make it work altogether. Did we make it? Yes! By His grace. We are now on the last leg of the “re-aligned goals”. Wohoo!
And now 2017 has finally arrived, we joyfully do our “countdown” when as ONE family, will go back home together, prepared and ready. Have we not grasp the situation and pushed on our impulse, I can’t imagine the disaster that we may have experienced, family wise. 


As undeserving as I am, my heart couldn’t stop but be grateful. This year is going to be awesome. Yes, I know that it’s not a problem-free year but as to any seasons God is our ever constant refuge and strength, so I can be confident. 

Embrace the NEW. Don’t be afraid and SEE how God make ways for us. In the difficult moment or even in the most impossible situations, wait on His promise, He will deliver. Trust in the Lord for I know that His faithfulness never cease, they will always be new every morning. 


Our family looks forward to this year with joyful ancitipation. I am super- excited to write more pages of gratefulness towards His works for us, awesome wonders and amazement to the ways of the Lord, the ways that He’s going to make. 

This year is going to be awesome. Increased in favors, accelerating opportunities and abundant blessings will flow through us. This year is the confirmation of all the promises God gave us over the past years! Yes and amen! 


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