Fitness: January achievements and summary 

Fitness: January achievements and summary 

Now that the holidays are over – I can now really, focus on my fitness and weight goals. At the early part of this year, I have decided to become more intentional with my fitness goals, so I put a “timeframe” to achieving my goals. Doing this, can help me figure realistically what I must do to achieve my goals and can clearly walk to the hows, the why’s and more… 

Looking back, in 2016, I managed to lose 10kg of my weight but I am still so far from my original desire of returning to 50s and I still have another 10kg to shed. Honestly, all I wanted to is to become a thinner momma, but later on I realized that more than losing my excess weight, the results it gave me is much more valuable, I like the discipline, the awareness, the responsibility and accountability this whole weight journey brought to my mind and my heart. 

I no longer want to be that skinny momma, I wanted to be that stronger, healthier and fitter momma for my daughter and for my husband. 
So we can live longer and together with my husband Jake, we did it. 

Along the way, we realized that people watched us, needless to share, they were encouraged by the results we gained physically and so they decided to join us. 

This new year, 2017, my timeframe is to lose 10kg of my weight and I have 15 weeks of bodyweight program to shed, to tone my body and to improve my endurance. Hopefully, I will achieve the results that I want. 

I have already started doing it this month. I realized that in order for me to review my progress, I need to consistently track my food intake and my physical activities and exercises. 
I weigh every weekend and I also measure my thighs, my arms and tummy, this helped me see my little achievements and I get encouraged by that, which is like a fuel that keeps me going. 

So in summary; 

January, I ran 12x for the whole month. 10 of those runs are 5km runs and the other 2 runs is 3km. My best run is at 6.33kpm at 5km.

And the best part is, I lose 3kg off my weight. It’s 2kilos behind my original target but still, it’s better than nothing. My thighs got leaner, I developed some shoulder blades, and got to lose some tummy fats.. My husband loved it and Im happy. 

I can’t wait. The whole process is really tiring but Ive got to get my focus on it – I can’t quit, not now. Not tomorrow. Not when it rains or when Im sore. I can’t. I must achieve this, I can do this! 

February goals is looking good, Ive got tons of training days with my husband and friends and hopefully I will reach my February goals successfully. 

I know I have to talk to myself to it, the early morning runs is not going to be easy, the healthy food choices is never going to be the first choice, the muscle sore and my normal inclination of just laying down may sometimes win – BUT, it will all mean nothing when I am laser fixed with my goals. I am convinced that all of these will bear fruits and I would not be disappointed with the results, it will all be worth it! 

And, yes, I am going to achieve this. This month February, I would summarize a wonderful result and Im going to see it before my eyes. 

I am pumped up! Let’s do this! 


Reflections: Acknowledge Him, in all Your Ways!

Reflections: Acknowledge Him, in all Your Ways!

{Warning: this blog could have been written longer than the usual, it came out from a heart of gratitude after reading the bible. This is also taken from the life of King Solomon, as part of my daily reflections and bible-reading} 

I never knew I would encounter this phrase today, whilst I read the life of King Solomon, in 1Kings. Acknowledge Him in all your ways, it’s a proverb that Solomon himself wrote in Proverbs 3 verse 16, but to my surprise, I found that he, himself disobeyed it. The one who wrote one of the most popular proverb, a bible verse, my parents asked me to memorized, was not followed by the one who wrote it. 

My mind started to question, WHY? 

Solomon, the wisest and richest king ever lived in the history of the bible, the successor of the throne of King David. Most respected and valued king, wrote 3,000 proverbs, kings from different natioms come to him for advise – he himself understand the value of this phrase “acknowledge Him in all your ways” and he made God angry? He didn’t followed, he didn’t walk his talk, why? 

This is our life story. 

Often, we ask God for blessings, promotions, wisdom, health, financial growth, career opportunities and more – the moment we receive it, of course we become thankful, momentarily. We can easily get swayed by the excitement and all emotions entailing the receipt of the much anticipated “gift”

I once read somewhere, they say, that we must learn to praise God even in the times of trials. While this is true, I feel that, we must also learn to praise God even in the times of blessings, praise Him always. 

Reality is that when a person is caught with too much blessings, they sometimes forget that all of these so-called “blessings” didn’t result from hardwork, not because we deserve it or not – but it all came because God wanted us to have it. He is the source of ALL things, He causes all things. Because of one reason, He LOVES us. 

Now the problem is not with God, the problem is with us. We tend to go overboard with our emotions, we become little rascals, sometimes ungrateful, other times proud of our little achievement – and we forget that if not for Him, we may not even exist. 

I started to realize that God, more than a Supreme being, He is also a loving Father. His desires for us, is countless blessings, overflowing grace, abundant life, secured future, unending hope and relentless love. Like a father, who wants to give all that he can give for the sake of his children, the sacrifices, the hardwork and patience, just to provide not only a sustainable but the BEST kind of life, one child could ever live. 

But what happens when the child learns to go on his own ways? What happens when the desire of the child becomes different from what the father gives? What happens when the child learns to do other things on his own, decides to live far-off from what the father envisioned him to be? What happens when the child thinks he can now do anything that he wants to do? 

He grieves. The heart of this father grieves. Cause no matter, how much he wanted to pursuade the heart of this child, he has no control over it. And though, this father knows the dangers and the troubles of living alone without his guidance, he can’t do much about it, because the child has already made that decision. 
He could only wait patiently until the heart of his child turns back, repenting and acknowledging that he really can’t live on his own. Until then, the child may go through a lot of pain, consequences, hurts, disappointments – the father who sees, may want to help, searching and waiting but the child refuses –  then this child will grow tired, hopeless, coming back home – then he would realized all that he had done, he would start to acknowledge “again” all the good that his father wanted for him, he would desire it, he would come back. 

Truth is, God’s love is like that. It didn’t change a bit. It’s relentless. 
Acknowledging Him, is the most forgotten virtue of His children, that is why we have to be reminded. We pursue the temporary, the ones that can easily vanish. We forget the truth, the reality and existence that God has given up all that He can give to us in eternity with Him. If blessing us is His way to show His love for us He would do it, and that is just one of His many ways. 

But we, as children, we change. Our desires if not established in deep relationship with God’s character, we change. 

Our thoughts can run wild that we can conquer the world on our own strength, we thought that promotion is the key to having it all, financial growth, wealth and self-wisdom will make way for us to dominate our teeny-tiny world. We are changed by our selfish, conceited thoughts. We always run towards our convenience, the popularity, the fame, power and money – we forget the most valuable, the most important – our heritage,our destiny,  that we are children of God. 

We are easily contented with the gifts and we forgot to thank the Giver, our Father. 
This exemplified even to the life of the wisest king Solomon, found in the book of 1Kings, chapters 1 to 11. From the beginning, even before he was enthroned as the king of Israel, God was with him. Not because he deserves it, but because of the promise God made with David, Solomon’s father. 

God blessed King Solomon with riches no one can match, wisdom no one could ever fathom and wonderful support system surrounding him. He made majestic temple out of gold, bronze and chosen stones – he could make just and right decisions, all because God blessed him. 

“Thus King Solomon excelled all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom.” 1 Kings‬ ‭10:23‬ ‭ESV‬‬

But there is one thing God requested from him; 

“Concerning this house that you are building, if you will walk in my statutes and obey my rules and keep all my commandments and walk in them, then I will establish my word with you, which I spoke to David your father.” 1 Kings‬ ‭6:12‬ ‭

Later on, Solomon fell into the pit of momentary and fading love by foreign women. He began to sin, he clung into this love that he had for women and learned to worship other gods. 

“So Solomon did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and did not wholly follow the Lord, as David his father had done.” 1 Kings‬ ‭11:6‬ ‭ESV‬

The question here is; why was he not satisfied with what God has given him? Why did he turned his heart away from God and looked for some fading love – from other ungodly women? Where did God go wrong? 

The same question, is thrown to us today, why would we not acknowledge God’s work in us? When God gives what we want, are we trustworthy enough to handle what was given to us? Would we turn away from Him? 

Even the wisest king, fell into the trap of stubborness and pride. We can easily be victimized by the earthly pleasures, momentary success and fading love – but if we tune our hearts to God, He will protect us and guide our ways to life. 


Let us not be a people who only comes to the Father to seek gifts, or when life is tough, we should come to Him for who He is to us. Valuing the eternal relationship He established with us. He has chosen us, He loved us first and He will continually do that as long as we allow Him. Let us not run away from our Father’s love. 

Acknowledge Him in all our ways, in joy or in pain, in abundance or in lack, in life or in death – because God’s love is eternal! It will last forever! He would stand strong side by side for us to face our greatest fears, our life adversaries, he would comfort us in pain, and celebrate with us in our success – He is our Father, 

He deserves to be honored. Not only when we feel like it, or when it is convenient, or when we need it – acknowledge Him in ALL of our ways, always! 

Don’t hold back! 

Our Week Lately: I am so busy! 

Our Week Lately: I am so busy! 

{For the purpose of gaining consistency in writing, I promised to update this blog everyday. Whether I have readers or not, surprisingly, just recently I gained some visitors in my page, which is an added bonus for me – that’s why I would like to thank you for liking my post and following my blog} 


It’s been past 3 days since I wrote something on my blog. I was too busy with so many events happening in our lives, so here is the summary of all that happened in my week so far; 

  • Send-Off

My husband and I has been blessed by wonderful friends through our life-group. It is always an amazing journey to walk with each families and see growth in them. It is overwhelming to witness how God is at work to each of the families, in blessing and giving instructions. 

So last thursday we sat down for dinner with our good friends to catch up and hear some testimonies of blessings and faith, before they even fly off to Manila for good. 

See you soon! 

  • Cake Time

As I have mentioned before, I have been studying and learning how to do beautiful cakes, I still have a long way to go before I can finally start my business. I am eager to learn the process and the in and outs of the business, which entails the procedures of product development. 

Last Saturday, I baked an ombre-cake with buttercream flowers and lemon curd filling. 

  • Birthdays

We celebrated one of our good friend’s birthday, the cake I baked was for her too. It was such a fun night of laughters, updates, catch-up and food. 

It’s always good to be surrounded with wonderful people.

  • Sunday Service

I was able to shed some light to some good old friends about our plans of going back home for good. Our church topic is still about clarity, and the more I hear it, the more the Lord makes it all making sense. He is like confirming all His promises and instructions through His words, we can’t wait to finally be home with our daughter and be together, finally! 

  •  Work

Yes, due to the recent bad news, our office is going cray-cray about meeting deadlines. Nowadays we have been busy, we have never been this busy – it’s the last hoorah of our 10 year partnership with a certain bank, so maybe that’s the reason why. I am in the moment and I am thankful that I have been part of this season as well. There is so much to learn. 

  • Bible-Reading

I got too engrossed with Proverbs, then lately, I realized that I never really had the idea of the life of it’s author “King Solomon”. So I jumped right in, to read his autobiography found in the book of 1 Kings, chapters 1-11. I have yet to finish reading it, which I’m trying to write a synopsis of it and a summary of how His life was, hopefully next time I can write something about it. 

There is so much to learn from the wisest man alive, his traits, his leadership, his management and priorities, his achievements or maybe his failures too. I can’t wait. 

But for now let me leave this note here, it’s a reminder from the Lord to Solomon during his busyness in building the temple; 

Concerning this house that you are building, if you will walk in my statutes and obey my rules and keep all my commandments and walk in them, then I will establish my word with you, which I spoke to David your father. 

(1 King 6:12)

What can we learn from it?

Sometimes in our busyness – in life, ministry, projects and plans, it is always easy to neglect the Lord. This verse, reminds us of what our priorities should be like – that is to pursue God’s righteousness, walk in His statutes, obey His rules and His commandments. To walk in them, so that He can establish it for us, whatever promise He gave. 


The Lord is not only the author, but He is also the finisher of our faith – our faith to finish a goal, to finish a task, our faith to become a better person, a spouse or a child, our faith to reach our dreams – He will establish it for us, if we obey His rules, leaving it up to Him. 🙂 

Have a great week! 

Surpises: Bad news turned to Good!

Surpises: Bad news turned to Good!

For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

This blog is a testimony of God’s goodness, protection and guidance over me and my family. 

Today, it’s business as usual, we got a surprising news from our VP regarding our company’s bid over a certain big account. This account, is the same account, I have been working with for almost all of my tenure in the financial industry. Surprisingly, we lost the bid! Another bigger company took over the account, leaving our company with a devastating, disappointing news. 

This loss, could mean a lot specially for corporate employees like us, the stake is too high. It may mean sudden job loss, career change, salary change, position change and etc. 

As our boss continually speaks and explains to us, the “possiblities” and how our company will try to work things out for us, I can hear sighs, I can see brows raising, I can feel the fear in our department’s little room. 

” Ok, any questions?” Our boss asked. A lot of “fearful”, concerned questions were raised and our boss diligently answer each once with grace and patience.

Confidently, I was not affected by the bad news. Because God has gone ahead of this scene, He knew it would come. And He knew, that I would be the very first one to feel fearful among all my colleagues. Why? I have all the reasons why, I am not as competitive as they are – being in the sales industry, my achievements were not at par as what my colleagues had produced. I would be in the bottom list, definitely! 

When my boss said the criteria for the people they would consider to keep, I know I would not make it to the list, at all. But, I was happy, why? Because even though I was not considerable for anything – God assured me of the things that may come to pass. Last year, the Lord has been very busy preparing me and my husband with so many things, including the planning and executions. 

We have gone to the most “thriftiest” way we can save money, He gave us a house , He brought the desire of going back home, instead. He gave a new sustainable job for my husband, He increased our commission in ways that we can finish all our goals for 2016. And finally we come up to an answer, that hey, I will finish my job this March 2017.

Going back, our account may only last for maybe 2months, maybe at most 6months. It’s not an accident that we happen to conclude the last day I would work in our company. I was spared, I don’t have to suffer through all the stresses of proving myself so that I’ll be kept by the company, I don’t have to rush into the motion of updating my resume, cram and get worried and so on. The Lord gave us the head’s up, trust Him and obey! 

The Lord prepared everything for me! 

And just like that, a bad news turned out to be a confirmation of what God has been doing in our lives! I am so grateful. 


I still pray that our company will recover and that my colleagues will all be secured. I am just so thankful to God for all that He has done. 

New Perspective: Gratefulness and Thankfulness

New Perspective: Gratefulness and Thankfulness

It’s January 18, we are almost done with the first month of the new year. The new year comes with a lot of joyful anticipation, expectations, promises, changes and goals. But God points out some character-development and a good-attitude we may want to develop to have a fruitful 2017. 

My biggest revelation this new year, is about being grateful and thankful. 

I remember, one time I asked one of our couple friends, “what are you thankful for 2016?” It took a while before they can utter a word, they thought so deep, they could not remember anything. My husband then asked, is there anything, little or small that you can remember, you can be thankful to God for? 

Then the husband of my friend replied, he said, “we are okay, I mean 2016 was a bit of a struggle, but I guess we are okay”. 

For a second, I thought to myself, when life throws you series of troubles – it is indeed very difficult to find a spark of happiness around. It’s as if we are losing and slowly fading away along with the problems and the struggles. Truth is, life can vary, it can be sometimes difficult, for some it could mean a financial loss, sickness, a promotion never achieved or death of a love one. It can also be a dream that never pursued, a failure, a business failure or a consequence of a mistake. 

In whatever package, it doesn’t matter, troubles and struggles may definitely come. It’s not a matter of what but it’s more of when. 

We all had a fair share of life circumstances. 2014, we lost our dad due to cancer, my husband lost his lolo due to old age, we had 2 series of unemployments and some financial problems. 2015, it’s like the continuation of 2014, consoling our mom during our mourning season, separation and long-distance childcare, 1 unemployment and financial struggle. 2016, was a good year, God restored all that we wanted to pursue, those that we missed, savings goals, dreams, home acquisition, clearer goals and more. 2017, is still uncertain, we have expectations and even before we embark to this year, God already had confirmations of what to expect and we are excited with that. 
Through it all, there is one important thing that God wants us to inhabit in our hearts, it is about “gratefulness”. 

The psalmist David in the book of Psalms, wrote a lot of different songs and prayers that talks about his frustrations, pleads, request, repentance. But he also wrote a couple of verses in different chapters about his gratefulness to God. 
This one, is one of my favorites; 

“I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart; 

I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. 

I will be filled with joy because of you. 

I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭9:1-2‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Those words David uttered is coming from a grateful heart. Besides, he wouldn’t be able to write it, if he was not mesmerized by God’s goodness frim tye start. The context of this passage, is coming from David’s plead to God, to help him fight his enemies, but before asking anything – he first acknowledge the Lord and His goodness, the very character of God. He was really grateful. 

I started to ask God to seek my heart, I wanted to know, when was the last time, I sat down and just be thankful for all the blessings He gave? The marvellous things He have done – my life, my family, favors, opportunities, lessons, healthy body, wisdom, strength, friends, relationships and just the opportunity to come in His presence. How many times, have we check our hearts intent when we approach God’s throne? Are we even thankful that we are breathing? That we are not consumed with the troubles of life? 

Sometimes we get too caught up with life miseries, sorrows that we often forget, that we have a Father, who watches over us, whose plans are better, who gives hope and a future. Whose help is always there, that life, no matter how difficult, He has overcome it all for us. 

Like David, my prayer for us, is that we would learn how to cultivate a life of gratefulness and thankfulness. Learning to appreaciate every season in our lives, that we will not give up on ourselves because God never did, and even if there are some struggles and life- circumstances – God is always there so inclined and willing to help and guide us. 

In all things, give God praise, not only for the gifts that He gives, but because we understand that He is the source of all things. Our giver and our Father. Learn to be grateful even in the little, so when the big one comes, we will be more grateful. 🙂 
Be thankful, always! 

Conversations with Our Father: Reminders, Instructions and Assurance 

Conversations with Our Father: Reminders, Instructions and Assurance 

Today, I woke up, with a comforting and re-assuring word from our Father in Heaven, it’s found in the treasury of the Psalms of David. 

It says; 

When I consider the heavens, 

The work of Your fingers,

What is mankind that You are mindful of them?

Human beings that You care for them? 

Psalms 8:3-4

Google Image

When I approached God today, in prayers – at first the bible verse didn’t make any sense at all – I am very familiar with this verse, but as the time of day passes, the more God speaks to my heart. 

2 years ago, my siblings and I, lost our dad due to cancer. It was a heart breaking memory and the snippets of the realities of him not being there anymore is really a truth that we have to accept, we are now, fatherless. 

Some say that you cant choose your parents, I believe we are blessed to have loving, caring and nurturing parents. 

My dad, taught us a lot of wonderful life- changing instructions. He is a good father, his desires for us is not only measured by acquiring good education, becoming somebody in the society or to have a decent, good family – it is more spiritual, he wanted us to walk his walk – know Jesus and have a close relationship with him. 

That being said, means we grew up in a conservative, christian home, with defined set of christian rules and integrities. Not all of us understand it, some of my siblings rebelled against daddy, some of us – just followed. 

For us who followed, life at home is easier, but outside has been a struggle. Imagine the choices we have to make, considered our friendships and relationships, our activities and the manner we present ourselves, making sure we obey our parents, because if we dont surely there is a consequence – making us the “un-cool” kids to our peers. 

But most of us, in the family, all in all, had wonderful memories about dad. When it comes to decision makings, we trusted that our dad knows more. Of course, we come to Mom for other stuffs, but not when it is something serious – we have to hear our dad’s sound advise. 

My dad would always give us a heads-up of what to expect. He faithfully waits to hear our stories of success and cheers us up when we fail. I remember him, coaching my brothers when they played basketball, giving me advices about how men are and setting standards, giving us techniques on how to study and many more. 

But my favorite time with him, personally, is when I sit beside him and just talk to him about anything. Our exchange of letters and notes. I’d like to hear his quotable quotes, his sound advises and his wonderful journey in his career, ministry and life. 

So as I continue to read the bible today, I found joy in knowing that there are so many things in-store for me today. As I continue to study the proverbs of Solomon, I was instructed by the Lord about 3 things found in the chapter 12 verses 16 to 18; 

1. Humility and Humbleness

2. Self-control and Anger

3. Honesty and truthfulness 

Then something striked me, in the absence of my dad, there comes God, Our Father. He is aware of all the things that transpires in my heart, all the thoughts and my ponders, my fear and worries. He cares about how I present myself to the world and my character. He cares about my struggles, my goals and my plans.

Like daddy, God, He is a Father, He wants to know everything that matters to me, because it matters to Him. 

” What is mankind that you are mindful of them?” 

I wanted to understand this verse deeper, so I looked for the meaning of mindful and to my surprise here’s what I found; 

Mindful means 

– aware and conscious about 

– Inclined and willing to help

In essence, God is aware, conscious, inclined and willing to help us. But, He would not meddle with our affairs, unless we invite Him so. Until we sit down in His presence and willingly talk to Him about anything that affects us, and patiently wait for His wisdom and instructions, then He would. 

Of course, everything that matters to us, definitely matters to Him. There are some things that God won’t do for us, unless, we seek help from Him. 

Remember your first day at school? Eventhough, our parents supported us and provided everything we need, it is still us who should go inside and meet our fears and study. He cannot go inside to do the study for us, but, they would willingly sit outside and wait for us until we finish the day. 

God is the same, He would not do the things, He wanted us to do, because it is good for us – we have to face it, do it, climb it, work for it – and He will patiently wait and pick us up, and if we ran afraid He would be there to provide anything and everything for us, to come back up again. 

God, is not just a Supreme being, He is also Our Father and He loves you and me! He is a good Father! 

What do you need today? Be reminded that God is mindful of you today, He loves you!

Productivity: Understand the Process 

Productivity: Understand the Process 

The results of fasting, physically, is now showing some good results, which is actually a bonus. So I realized that I am already up for a good start. That’s why last night, I shared with husband Jake that I am really serious about losing 10kg off from my weight this year and so on. 

My husband is always very supportive of my goals and dreams, so he bought me some gears and dumbells to help me reach those goals. Downloaded some workout tutorial to help me tone the fatty places in my body. And though, I run almost everyday, I wanted to look as fit as I can, to look good as well. So I did check-out to see the exercises that helps me tone my arms, shoulders, etc – at first, it looked easy, but, it’s totally different when I did it, painful! 

“He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.” 

Proverbs‬ ‭12:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

So this was the verse, God dropped to my heart this morning during my quiet time with Him, it changed my perspective about the goals Ive set this year. It gave me a clearer picture of how is it like to plan “intentionally”. 

As to any goals, “preparation” is always one of the keys to become successful in reaching our target. Here in this proverb, king Solomon, uses “farming” as a visual for us to understand – how important planning is. 


The statement says that those who “tills” his land – will be satisfied with their bread. If we don’t prepare and just dive into things we think, we will definitely lose. We must be intentional, strategic, precise with our goals. It talked about the whole process, from preparing, to doing, to cultivating, to harvest, to baking it until it becomes bread. And he said ” we will be satisfied”, satisfaction guaranteed! 

 Planning plus hard work produces good results.

Warning: But he that follows a vain person is void of understanding – this is the opposite of those who don’t prepare, they follow. They follow the trend, they follow the popular and etc, but that’s not what God wants – if we want to achieve our goals we must be anchored to the goal-provider! 


But first what “vain” means
* To produce no result

* Conceited, excessively have high opinion about themselves

We choose the people we want to spend our time with. The circle and the group we wanted to build our lives with. We meet different people with different characters, and one that should be off our “friend’s list” is those that doesn’t walk the talk.

They blabber about this and that, but never really produced any result. To be highly effective, we need not only prepare, we also have to work hard for it and be intentional with our dealings. Our influencers and mentors should be those who can contribute to our well-being. 


So the rhema on me, is to become intentional with my actions, dealings and activities. I listed 3 major goals to achieve this month. I had to be realistic with this urgent goals – and I realized that there is really a process of prepping myself, the process of sacrifice, the removal of some unecessary things and so on. 

I once read somewhere, that those things we can routinize must be routinize, so we can preserve more energy in doing rather than being overwhelmed with planning. 

I have to start somewhere, so I made a daily log. And I commit to review where I spend my 24 hours to, is it productive? Does it add anything to the goals Im trying to achieve? If it doesn’t maybe I should not focusing in that activity. And so far, the results are giving me so much awareness – with the things I do. 
Here’s a sample of how my day was and what I did so far. 

Being intentional even to where we spend our time with. Making sure that our days, are filled with successful hours, productive minutes, so we can have a productive days – which will eventually result to a productive week, then productive months!