Let’s declutter! 

One of the steps to start our new year right is review all the stuffs we accumulated throughout the entire year. Stuffs we bought, we received as a gift and stuffs we acquire, through this we can estimate the trend of our spending for the year.  Review all the things that has been piled up in our cabinets. Check if we have bought stuffs impulsively and see if we have been good stewards of money this year. 

We started with our closet space. As I have been sharing previously in my blogs, we are soon migrating back home for good, in a couple of months since then it has been non-stop packing and organizing task for me and my husband. Just in time before the new year comes, our stuffs will all be sent home and we will literally be clutter-free. 

My goal in 2016 is to live under our means, to be minimal in all things so to have more space for the new things. And this coming 2017, we will pursue to achieve more by having lesser of the uncessary. (Stuffs, relationships, problems and etc…)


Renting an apartment in Singapore is a challenge, specially that we have to share with some housemates to ease the financial load of renting a full space, which is really expensive. So that means my husband and I rents a bedroom space in the house. That also means that we have to make sure stuffs fit in the closet provided to us. One closet for the two of us! Yes, for the two of us! 

My husband loves to play sports, that means having different kinds of jerseys, running tees, gym clothes, work-out clothes plus his daily clothing at work, at home and on weekends. That’s only his, what about mine? Well, honestly I’m not that typical girl that has a lot of clothes. I’d like to keep a handful of modest-comfortable clothes that I can wear day in and out. If I feel that Im no longer going to wear it, I keep it away in a box so I can later on give it away. It’s always easier to keep a few than to have a lot, piled up in our closet. (Im very meticulous when it comes to clothes organization). 


Alright, after sorting and sorting – we manage to pack more than 5 bags of old, unused, worn and out of style clothes. Which we are about to donate and give away to charities or to some friends. (Which makes more sense, right?) 

It was not that easy to choose which one to remove and which one to keep, (specially my husband, whose bery sentimental) but altogether it was a fulfilling experience, seeing our space getting more organized. It feels lighter. And it’s definitely going to be easier for my husband and I to move things (from now) while he stays in Singapore when I leave. 


So for some who maybe having a hard time with their closet space, I guess it’s good to re-visit your closet this coming new year. To re-start and have a fresher perspective in oganisation, it must start somewhere, right? They say that to give space to the new, we must clear some space too. And here’s how we did it.

1. Put all your clothes out

This will help us see all the stuffs hiding inside the closet. Out in the open, we can easily identify how much clothes do we own, how much are being used and how much have we hoarded and kept and not use. 

2. Sort it out

Once its out, then it’s time to see which ones are the ones useful and the others that can be donated and can be given away. Those that can’t fit anymore, those that are too old to use and those that are out of season. Some linens, blankets and bedsheets too. (We managed to empty our boxes after sorting it) 


3. Clean up and Pack it up

Once everything is sorted, it will be very easy to fold and hung clothes altogether. Those clothes that had been sorted  – can now be placed into packs or bags so we can easily transport to give it away.


Year in and year out, we easily spend money over stuffs that we don’t really need. It’s a good habit to do some checks and balance, to account stuffs, to evaluate ourselves and see where did much of our spending and priorities went. 
Clothes are a necessity, but everything too much is also not good. We are called to be good stewards of money and it matters how we take care of it. 

This year, we didn’t spend so much on these stuffs, that’s for sure. Becausen of our house project and migration project – so I think we manage that successfully by the grace and help of God. Hopefully we can keep up and be more better next year. 


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