I need to do a lot of catching up on this blog. 

It has been two days since I updated my blog, I guess I should give myself a little break from my “forming a habit project” – since it’s Christmas Season. 

My husband and I had a wonderful Christmas celebration with some of our closest friends. We missed our daughter but like I say this will be the last Christmas we are goin’ to be away. Praise God! 

Couple of things, our Christmas this year has been a wonderful time of reflections and we are constantly reminded of God’s love even as we look back on each day we spent our 2016. (I guess were kinda maturing in this sense) 


It was really busy. 
We thought of not buying gifts for anyone this Christmas, but we kinda change our mind, last minute. So I had to sort out the names of our friends who made it to our “gift-list” and rush down to the malls and do the hussle. We have received a whole lot of gifts this Christmas from friends and maybe we thought yeah it’s good to also bless them. Successfully, we managed to have all gifts wrapped, to do errands for our Christmas eve menu and buy the materials for our “advent wreath” tradition. 


It’s the most wonderful day of the year., indeed!
There is just something about Christmas that makes the environment super happy. I guess this is one way of Jesus making Himself known to every one regardless whether they believe Him or not. It is just so evident. 

Morning, we had various overseas phone calls to greet our love ones back-home. Although, there is to timezone difference between Philippines and Singapore – we still have to catch them early before everyone gets busy specially that Christmas is quite a biggie backhome. First things first. 
Honestly, I felt a bit sad seeing my baby through facetime, but we just have to shrug it off and choose to be grateful because everyone is doing okay and happy, thats for our consuelo. And we just want to look forward to our soon best days – a couple of months to go and we will soon can make up for all the lost times.

Evening, was fun. We had lots of dishes prepared for the Christmas Eve celebration. We had the traditional “pinoy-sweet style ham” imported from our dearest homeland. I cooked some spanish stuffs, the usual “noche buena” menu that has been passed on to me by my mom and lola which I now do for our family and friends. 


We started doing our traditional advent at 11pm. It was a solemn moment, a time when we just simple gathered and talked about the reason of Jesus coming down for us. It was a good time of reflecting on Jesus being our light of hope, peace, love and joy. It was a good time hearing all that He has done for the lives of everyone. It was a sincere moment when I really felt that God loves us tremendously. We went to every chapters in the bible that describes God’s lovestory for us and it was really heartwarming. 


We received a lot of gifts. It has been 2 years since I have been practicing to live as simple as we can. Focusing on what is really a need versus the wants that leads to a very expensive, sometimes wasteful lifestyle. 

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. And most of the time, we may be receivingn some gifts that are not really necessary. But since it’s free and it’s given, of course you gotta keep it. However, over the past few years – I realized that some gifts turns into rubbish if kept for too long, if not consumed or used and worst of all – we may forget it’s even there in the first place.

So for the past 2 years, I have been doing some “re-gifting” process to make sure that the stuffs given to me will be put into use. It may sound a little bit ungrateful but it’s better to give than to keep it, hoard it and eventually throw away. 

Some of these gifts that we normally recieve and re-gift were;  

1. Body Wash Liquids 

2. Perfumes

3. Facial Wash

4. Wallets 

5. Miscellaneous Items

Imagine having 10 body wash liquids of different flavors of different brands. How long can a 100ml body wash last? Definitely not less than a month, it may take 2-3months to finish the entire bottle. So the others will just get piled up in the cupboard then later next time you wake up it’s Christmas time again. So instead of wasting it, I regift it. 

Some may like this idea or others may not – but I am all for practicality. And I guess this one works specially in eradicating the excess in our lives and living only to what we need. As we always hear “less is more”..  leave some space so we can always welcome the new…. (Maybe I should write something about this?!) 


Its our rest-day but my husband and I decided to continue our “packing”. We have been very busy for the last 4 months packing our stuffs back home. It’s like we have sent half of our bodies in the Philippines and most probably our stuffs are somewhere in the ocean travelling, because we kept on packing and sending our stuffs in preparation for our homecoming/migration. What can you expect from living overseas for over 10 years – accumulated stuffs! 

We already have sold some of our stuffs, donated and gave away some. But we definitely have a lot of things to send. Our kitchen and cuttleries, our bedroom items and linens, our personal things, electronics and a whole lot more. We are slowly buying some new house needs too from Singapore to bring home to our new house. We have decided to do a “scandi-minimalist style home“, so most of it are bought from Ikea because they are exactly that, plus it’s quite affordable too and flexible. Besides we wanted to save more money – furnitures would definitely cost a lot backhome. 

Good thing I found time to write and update this blog. Just took a quick break from my clothes sorting activity today. Tomorrow, I will definitely write more. 


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