2016 has been a good year of teachings and adjustments for me and my family. And as I write, we are 11 days away to meeting 2017, a new year. 
I am so delighted and definitely looking forward to the next year but before 2016 ends, I would like to share news that I gained some new wisdom that I’ll be taking with me for the next year ahead. Teachings and instructions from the bible and some disciplined people who are successfully living wisely. These were my take-aways from 2016 that would really help me become more productive, strategic and intentional with my 2017 goals and more. One great instruction that I received from the Lord is this; 

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:18-19‬ ‭


This bible verse confirms that God already had started something new even before the new year starts, He has been working things out for us and preparing since the last quarter of this year to make way for the upcoming changes that our family will face in 2017. Making me look forward to the “new” and yes, we are hopeful that there will an amplitude of blessings and favors to expect from the Lord this coming year. 

Although my husband and I are excited for these changes, the transitions of course required some re-alignment in my habits and routines as well. It was not an easy, acceptable moment – there were some trimmings and adjustments with our plans, here and there but we trusted God that He knows better, that is His nature. As a couple, our priorities also changed a lot. We learned to say no to some irrelevant activities, unnecessary expenses, we have been more thrifty towards the last quarter of this year too. Personally, I realized that there will be some things that I have to eliminate “character-wise” to give space for the new things that is coming. We cannot accept the new if we are so clumped up with the former. We learned to let go and trust God, then repeat. This last quarter of the year, it’s ad if the Lord is guiding me as well to look into the details and affairs of my life. Helping me think of the future and what really matters, so I listed some of my “macro-goals” so I can begin to visualize the process I need to work out on, henceforth so I can have a breakthroughs. Some of these were personal goals like; 

  • To speak in wisdom
  • Health and Weight Goals
  • Enhancing my writing ability 
  • Cleanliness and Orderliness
  • Money Stewardship 
  • Business Planning 

As I sit and write down all of it, to tackle and dissect all of these macro-goals, I realized that these were all the ingredients I need for the transitions that will happen to us beginning next year. 

So after I read my bible, receiving instructions from the Lord,  I prayed. I got inspired by the series of confirmations from the Lord I hurriedly researched to check if I can find some practical tips on how to kick off these bullet goals that I have and become more intentional in achieving it. Intentional in a sense that all of my activities should have relevance towards achieving it. Sticking to the habits if required some and etc…

 Then I found one good article writen by 99u – Scientific Ways to Build Habits that Stick and the author pointed chunks of wisdom of which he calls “scientific” or practical tips/suggestions on how to form new habits and making sure that a person can stick to it. 

Forming new habits are vital for our everyday agenda. The start is never an issue but the consistency will always be. So I must filter and make sure that my actions and decisions are producing productive and fruitful results. The productivity question always leads to: Where do we invest our time and efforts, our money and energy? 

There are ways to tackle our daily activities in order to achieve productive results, to help hs us reach our bigger goals and  make us see what to eliminate – the excessive ones. And if we are open to instructions and humble to accept wisdom from others who exemplifies it and willing to follow their ways we can surely hit our goals. Taking time to also examine our hearts to whether we are just living life as it goes or if we have become more responsible people. We can check the mundane, eliminate the unnecessary and focus on our priorities. Making us better, productive and wiser people. 

The year ahead is going to be exciting. Fired-up for changes that will soon unfold, new surprises, testings and achievements. But to whatever seasons we face, my confidence is that the Lord has already gone ahead of our future! 

Embracing the new, starting today. I have decided to start my new habits today, like “micro-quotas” vital to achieve the goals that I have set. 


It is also important to visualize the process that is required to achieve these goals,like this one, to enhance my writing skills and abilities, I would write 1500 words daily and post it in my blog, regardless whether I feel good or not. And if I am lazy then I am going to read other blogs first or read my bible so I can be encouraged. There are so much more in-stored for those who are willing to accept, to learn and to grow. I see myself growing in these areas and I am so excited to walk in it and hve breakthroughs soon! 

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but it’s a habit – Aristotle! 


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