As promised here is the last installment of my commentary and notes of understanding about women according to the writing of the wisest king Solomon. The basis of this blog is taken from Proverbs 7. 

This week, I learned that Solomon wrote more than 3,000 proverbs during his lifetime. There were 31 chapters recorded in the book of Proverbs – we are all priviledge to know that the ones we read from the bible now, are inspired by the Holy Spirit and it may be the best chosen ones among the many proverbs Solomon wrote during his time. 

As we continue here are some other pointers Ive taken note of; 

5. Women must learn how to be meek

Meek means to be submissive, gentle, quiet and flexible. 

Have you ever met a girlfriend who is overbearing and very assertive? Quite annoying, isn’t it? How many times have we found ourselves (sometimes) guilty of having this character?

Being unreasonable, impatient and complaining? Pushing for what we want, what we think we deserve, the entitlement, the tantrums – that we are better than anyone. Selfishness. 

The bible teaches otherwise. The bible encourages us women to walk not only in modesty but also in meekness. To be able to submit into the plans of God. Not into our own understanding but according to the purposes of the Lord. Being that wife who submits to the authority of our husbands, the leader of our home. To our parents, who knows better than us, do we argue with them? 

To practice meekness – I believe can only be achieved by  consistently meditating and focusing in obeying God’s word. God’s word is God’s wisdom that gives us that spirit of meekness. Slow to speak, slow to anger. Removing the illussions that we are above others and realigning our minds that we have to put others first before us. 

We don’t argue to win and get what we want. We listen to the needs of others, we value relationships over our own selfish desires. We keep ourselves always in check, we speak in forgiving and acceptable manner. It is okay to lose, if we think that the ideas or suggestions of others would benefit more. We don’t fall into the lie of fight for your right. We are flexible people, we know that if we are meek, Our Father who sees will bless us. He will uphold us and lift us up. 

6. Be honest and be truthful

In the story, Solomon describes the character of the harlot. The harlot offers peace offerings. She is not the typical prostitute that you can find in the streets. She can also be found inside the church, where she perform all her religious duties. She may appear as an ordinary woman – religious in nature but not! The thought behind this verse is this : the Lord looks into our hearts. We cannot hide anything from Him. 

Are we truthful or honest to our calling? In being a woman? In being a wife? A friend? A daughter? Or are we trying to be someone that we are not? 

It’s not about the things that we do. We can try everything that we can to portray someone that we wanted outhere, but at the end of the day – does this produce any truthfulness or excellence. If we are not truthful and honest, if we don’t have that truthful relationship with God regardless of what we offer – it would mean nothing. We can be that woman of today, but if we lose our identity, driven by our own selfish agendas – then we also lose our purpose. We can’t be a superwoman, there is no such thing, our strengths rely solely in the strength of God. 

Being truthful to ourselves, to our limitations and strengths is one that God wants for us. We can’t be offering peace offerings and have something else in mind. Our heart is the most deceitful of all. We should be truthful and honest with God. Then everything else will follow. 


In summary: 

Women before and today are not far from each other. Although, it may come in different setup in terms of society definitions – the words of the Lord remains the same yesterday, today and forever. Following instructions and proverbs like these would save us a lot of emotional roller-coasters. 

Let us not try to be someone that we are not. 

Walk in the destiny that God has called us to be. Not limiting God to wherever and whatever He wanted us to excel in. 
We are not defined by this world. Our standards and ideals are not based on what we see in fashion, tv shows or what the world tries to paint in our minds. We were created for a reason, for a deeper purpose. And we can only get a hold of that if we really begin to aknowledge God’s ultimate plan for our lives. 
Let us not be persuaded by the lies of this world. Our purpose does not end only by being beautiful outwardly, but by being that real obedient daugther of God. Becoming the best and excellent woman, for the delight of our Creator. 

Woman, you are special. Woman, see yourself as how God sees you. Don’t limit your undestanding by merely looking into the world’s definition of you. Practice God’s word. And be the best wife you can ever be. Be the beat daugther you can ever be. Be the best friend you can ever be. Not for your own self-gratification but all for the glory of God! 

** exhortations taken from Proverbs7**


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