Here is to my blog series on understanding roles and guidelines for women as stated in the book of Proverbs. In this first installment I jotted down what I have learned from this chapter and it’s all about how amazing & how beautiful God sees us women versus what the world dictates for women to become in this day and age.

In pursuit of knowing God more through His words, I came across the writings of Solomon about women. Although, the famous one can be found at the end of the book in Chapter 31 – I found an equally wonderful description of women in the earlier chapters.

In the world we are living in, the much modern era – women by definition has transformed a lot, from the clothes we wear, our roles, our rights and freedom. However, the bible speaks truth about how God wants us to become.

It may not gain a popular vote, it might be unacceptable to some but if we want to follow the word of God, then this is what is right. The words of the Lord is constant and true, it’s never changing, it was there from the beginning of times and will last until eternity. Seasons may come and go, people may live and die but God’s wisdom will remain.

Women are described in a manner so differently from what the bible described us to be. Definitely, some will argue, that what was described in the bible, specially in the old testament is quite old-school and outdated. But personally, I think it’s just reasonable to follow these guidelines because these are wisdom worth pursuing.

So let’s start;

1. Women should wear clothes in modesty
Our clothing says a lot about ourselves. What we wear speaks of what we want to portray to the world. And I believe that the key to modesty is to check what is the intent of our hearts and motives.
Those women whose hearts are inclined to please God and obey His commands will make every effort to dress modestly, appropriately and decently. Otherwise, those who are inclined toward self will dress in a way to draw attention to themselves.


2. Women should be careful & modest 
Contrary to what the world teaches, women should not be stubborn and wilful. It is not right for women to always become clamorous and head-strong over their husbands or to others.

The bible teaches that before we even speak, think first, choose our words, re-organize thoughts, not only it would make us wiser but it can save a lot of heartaches and save relationships too. The lesser we speak, the more our reputation grows.

Learning to listen more than talking a lot is way more acceptable. Women should not pursue authority by speaking loud, or by becoming stubborn – we can be that woman of grace that speaks wisdom at the proper time. Choosing to encourage and edify.

We cannot know all things at all times, we also need to give way in learning other stuffs too. Evaluating things that has eternal values rather than accepting all kinds of stuffs not helpful for our personal and spiritual growth.

3. Women should learn how to be preserved
There is a strange woman described in Proverbs 7 that seems to be everywhere. She is found in the streets, in the broad places, she lies and wait at every corner. This woman seems to be ignorant of how special she is in the sight of God, she didn’t even know that she was set apart for a purpose.

When women seems to be found everywhere – they tend to witness a lot of life chaos. When you are everywhere, you welcome all things, you lose control of your boundaries and you invite the uncessary to your life. But if you preserved yourself, choosing your friends and your influencers, you not only protect yourself against possible dangers but you maintain what is really important for you.  Your goals, your dreams, the opportunities, etc and we can easily safeguard ourselves from the uncessary. We are not an open-book, we only have One great audience and Only One to please – that is God!

4. Women are to be pursued
How often do we hear nowadays that women can now pursue men? Time has evolved people into a more aggressive and bolder people – that they can become whoever they want to be, or portray what they want to portray – it’s popular and favored choice but that doesn’t mean it’s always the right path to pursue.

The strange woman described in Proverbs 7 – seems to be watching over a man, throwing hints of sexual desire and lust and when she finally got the chance, she caught him and kissed him. Looks like a 20th century hollywood movie, recommendable attitude of a modern woman, but very far from what a Godly woman could be like.

Whispers and advises like these may sound clichè;

If you want him then say it. 

Don’t miss the chance… it’s now or never! 

But is that what God wants for us to become?

The wisdom in this story suggests that women must keep in observance the roles assigned to them.

Men, they are designed as leaders, they initiate to pursue what they think is good for them and women on the other hand – respond. Women decide whether it is a yes or a no.

Clearly, this is not the “liberated” rule the world suggests, but it is right in the sight of God. The idea is to protect women from potential hurt and ackwardness. We are emotional beings and so God surely knows our breaking point.

Women are not obnoxious. The wisdom in God’s word re-aligns our perspective according to His. At the end of the day, He is our creator, He knows what we were created for, our very purpose. It will only come alive if we start to walk truly in deep-relationship with Him. We can continue fighting against what was originally designed of us, we will only get tired proving something that is non-existent, but how tiring it can be?

As Ive seen throughout the bible history, there are lots of women who have been exemplied just by doing what they were called to do. If we want to please God, we will abide in His words.

We may not like the idea, perhaps these ideals are also familiar for it was reminded to us by the older generations. There is wisdom in obedience and in following instructions. Woman, you are called to be a princess, daughter of the king, a bride – you are special and we are to live like that. Upholding the standards that has eternal value not what is favored by men!

Remember that;

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

But the foolish despise wisdom and understanding – Proverbs 1:7 

*** exhortations taken from the Book of Proverbs Chapter 7 *** 


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