With self-discipline all things are possible ~ Theodore Roosevelt

It has been a little less than 2 months since I decided to get serious about losing weight. For so many reasons, I thought it’s just good to do something about my overall wellness and to get healthier and fitter. Period. 

I have tried a lot of diets previously. Joined some “gym-time” with friends. Do some “zumba-time” alone with the x-box, tried detoxing and clean eating. But I couldn’t get the ultimate result I am expecting, reason behind it’s because, I just can’t keep up. I stop in the middle, when it gets harder and when it comes uncomfortable I just quit. The I realized, that determination is not enough. In order to change and in order to be consistent, I must first have self-discipline. 

Determination is only the first step, but to be intentional and to always do good things, good choices and healthy re-routes should be a top priority becauss it’s all to developing – self-discipline. I have to talk to myself each day and convince myself that in order for me to reach my health goals, I must be willing to give up my “old-normal” routines and get myself used to the “new-normal” routines. Like these ones below; 

1. Drink more water. 

2. Declutter all the junkies (junk-food and sodas). 

3. Lessen coffee intakes, lessen the sweets.

4. Less carbs, limit to a cup of rice (I am asian and I love rice).

5. List down your food intakes everyday and try to stay on your required kcal count. 

6. Cook your own food and bring food at work. 

7. Stop watching cooking shows & food network.

8. Do your grocery once a week, fill ypur basket with greens and proteins. 

9. No cheat-day! 

10. Exercise, run everyday! 

Yes! I run everyday (6x a week). I downloaded an app called “freeletics” and it’s forcing and encouraging me to go beyond my limits. I am encouraged everyday with the results my heart, my lungs, my weight and my posture feels. Is it hard? Yes, definitely. Could I keep up? Yes, I believe so. My body likes the sweating, the flush of blood and the heartbeats it gives when I run & the after burn! Running is one simple task, all you need is a good pair of shoes, wide outdoor space & a whole lot of willingness – you will be good to go. It should have a special place in your daily routine. Until it becomes a lifestyle! 

(next on my blog; review on the app “freeletics run”; “best running shoes”; “underarmour youvsyear challenge; preppin’ for marathon and “distance run or interval running?”) 


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