So many things, so little time. I admit, I have been unorganized these past months and I have been nosy about new things and everything else that goes around me. It has been 3 months since I really sat down and jot down the things happened to me and my family. And if I can summarize all of it, I think it will just give me new, exciting things to write about in the coming days. 

1. 10 more days before my birthday.

2. Health, Running and Freeletics App. 

3. Influence, leadership and discipleship.

4. Bullet Journals and bible reading. 

5. Our new house in Pampanga.

6. Goals for the last quarter of 2016.

7. Long Distance Parenting. 

8. Blessings, Testings and Gratefulness. 

9. Discipleship, influence and Mentoring. 

10. Migrating back home in Pinas. 

So many things and I must find time to really write about all of these. Reminded about priorities, perseverance, consistency, time-management and gratefulness! 

It is important to give time on the thing that really matters not on the things that doesn’t build you up. Desire to get better and be better. Be cheerful and excited. Prioritize. Set goals and achieve it. Be grateful at all times. Focus and be determined. 


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