Family Lately {volume 3}

April is my most favorite month in a year next to Christmas. It’s when we celebrate our wedding anniversary, our daugther’s birthday and family reunions. I’d love the thought that we get to celebrate family milestones all in a month, just like a series, a day after the other – it’s really fun! 

So we went back to our beloved country- The Philippines to celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary for the Lord has been so faithful in our lives. Looking back, we have been through life stages and changes but God didn’t change anything in His awesome character, He remained our very sure foundation through all the stages of our marriage as we get to know more of ourselves as husband and wives. Though, many times, we get disappointed with each other’s differences but God never changed!He surely puts me and my husband back into His loving arms like babes and He takes care of us, relentlessly. 

 Our baby Jael Mikaela has reached her 2nd year as a healthy, beautiful, witty and adorable little girl. She is still as cute and charming as God has packaged her to be. Jael has thought us million things about parenting and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity, God entrusted her own daugther into our care and call her our daugther too. She is always a reminder of God’s love for us. 
 Summer is fun and hot in Pinas. We celebrated from one place to another. We went to my mum’s place in Manila to celebrate our little family’s milestones along with my sibs and relatives. 

Then, we head to Pampanga to do the same. 


And finally reaching way up North, up in the mountains of Baguio to get a colder summer. 

All in all our April was really remarkable and epic. And God’s sustaining grace and overflowing love gave us a wonderful year again. We could not comprehend how vast God’s love is for us as a family and so we are just in awe, surrendered and marvelled for all the blessings He gave.
Opps by the way, we sealed the deal of our new home! Yay! Praise God for the house He gave us. He didn’t just supply us with love, He also lavished us with material blessings, supplying all our needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus! Thank you Lord! 


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