Found Self-Discipline in my Reading

I have been reading the bible and was able to find a perfect time of the day to consistently meet with God, daily. And with that includes my bible reading, reflections and prayer. By God’s grace I found myself, developed a Godly habit that helped me a lot in my manner of life. Surprisingly, the word of God made me look into the stagnant details of my life and my attitude and encourage me to do something about it. One of those is my “self-discipline”.

Having Self-discipline could not be done overnight. And for most parts it demands a lot of change, continous effort, self-control and self-motivation to do what is right versus to the things or what you are accustomed to. 
This month, the Lord wants me to tackle my health. I am not as healthy as before. My activities changed a lot since I got older. My choices of food has become less nutrious so I can buy much more rest time, only to find that I have gained so much unnecessary weight due to my unfavorable choices. I say, unnecessary because I dont need an extra 15kg on my weight now because of course it just leads to a lot of trouble. So yeah, I looked into the mirror & I found myself bulging so much, & to be honest, thats not the first time. (I dare not post a picture to prove it 😝)

Anyway, I have made smart choices now. I am so empowered by the word of God that well be able to finish all things through His strength. And that by His grace we can accomplish things if we believe. I have started to cut down on a lot of junk on my food intake, my nutrition is my top-most priority each time I shop or when I cook, or what I bring to the table to serve my family. I also have looked into possible ways of losing weight and viola! I found the most mentioned sport in the bible “running”. 

So far I have lose 4kg in a week of smart eating and running. Believing to lose more, 11kg more. It’s developing that consistency, continously reminding of the excellent result it may bring to me and my family and never giving up attitude. Self control is also the key and asking God’s grace to continue when it’s getting hard and having a support system to encourage you when you want to give up — are all the key elements to make this to a success! Looking forward and I am so excited! 



Til’ next health update! 🏋👟 


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