Found Self-Discipline in my Reading

I have been reading the bible and was able to find a perfect time of the day to consistently meet with God, daily. And with that includes my bible reading, reflections and prayer. By God’s grace I found myself, developed a Godly habit that helped me a lot in my manner of life. Surprisingly, the word of God made me look into the stagnant details of my life and my attitude and encourage me to do something about it. One of those is my “self-discipline”.

Having Self-discipline could not be done overnight. And for most parts it demands a lot of change, continous effort, self-control and self-motivation to do what is right versus to the things or what you are accustomed to. 
This month, the Lord wants me to tackle my health. I am not as healthy as before. My activities changed a lot since I got older. My choices of food has become less nutrious so I can buy much more rest time, only to find that I have gained so much unnecessary weight due to my unfavorable choices. I say, unnecessary because I dont need an extra 15kg on my weight now because of course it just leads to a lot of trouble. So yeah, I looked into the mirror & I found myself bulging so much, & to be honest, thats not the first time. (I dare not post a picture to prove it 😝)

Anyway, I have made smart choices now. I am so empowered by the word of God that well be able to finish all things through His strength. And that by His grace we can accomplish things if we believe. I have started to cut down on a lot of junk on my food intake, my nutrition is my top-most priority each time I shop or when I cook, or what I bring to the table to serve my family. I also have looked into possible ways of losing weight and viola! I found the most mentioned sport in the bible “running”. 

So far I have lose 4kg in a week of smart eating and running. Believing to lose more, 11kg more. It’s developing that consistency, continously reminding of the excellent result it may bring to me and my family and never giving up attitude. Self control is also the key and asking God’s grace to continue when it’s getting hard and having a support system to encourage you when you want to give up — are all the key elements to make this to a success! Looking forward and I am so excited! 



Til’ next health update! 🏋👟 


New Perspective 

A new perspective after reading the book of Hebrews. The Lord has dropped a wonderful, extravagant hope in my heart – making me see a new and different perspective of what His plans are to our family, that is first of all, His. 
Our situation in Singapore may not be as easy as it can be. Whilst everyone around us is complaining about price hikes, employment and economy’s performance – on the other hand, we complain about our residency status. My daughter can only stay for a maximum of 2 months in Singapore each time and our incapability to secure her a valid dependent pass is one of the reasons. Our salaries would not permit her to stay with us and our work permits would not allow us to bring her permanently with us. 
Given the situation, the Lord has always been faithful to us that despite of it all, she miraculously stayed for a total of 2 years on and off with us in Singapore. So we didn’t miss any important milestones of our daughter, which we are really thankful for.

There came a time that I really want to give up and make a hasty decision of going back home and settle there for good to have a comfortable, easy and practical life. Why not? It’s the easiest and best way to live our lives. My mind says “Yes” but my heart says “no” everyday it gets more and more confusing. 

Some of my friends, judge me for letting this situation happen. A lot of advises came back and forth, unwelcomed in my thoughts. They say its better to go home. There is no hope. There is no security. No certainty as to where this land will bring you and your family. As parents we just want a better life for our child and this land provides that opportunity to build that kind of future. But distance is killing that desire, situation makes it harder to chew leaving us with choices to whether it’s worth it or not. Question is “what does God want”, if only I can borrow the blueprint from Him so I know how to navigate. Sigh.

As an expat living in this small city, we learned to love the customs, the people, the vibe and all the wonderful blessings this country has given us. We couldnt figure our decision process. Someone said “oh there is a better opportunity in this country, or in that, you can bring your family and have these free stuffs”. Sure. But what are we capable of doing, if we go there and the blessing is not there, we would still be running the course like headless chickens. Of course we wanted to be together, as a mother I would want to focus my attention to my daughter and on how I can nurture our family. The Lord has been quiet about this, but I am sure He has better plans, so I back off. I am waiting for His instructions, that moment when my husband and I can step forward confidently knowing that it was God’s. 

Today, God gave me a different perspective.

Faith. It is being confident of the things you hope for, being assured of the things you do not see. It is an immediate requirement if you believe that God can do all things, can make all things, inspire all things and turn impossibilities to a wonderful possibility which is a “yes & an amen” to Him. 
The Lord looks into our hearts and it is my prayer that He may find it pleasing before Him. Im learning to trust Him confidently that He would not let us down. I know that He will make a way for us to have Jael (our daughter) stay with us in Singapore or to which country He would let us live and I will see it right before my eyes that all these will come to pass, we will become a blessing and encouragement for those who has the same kind of situation, not by might, nor by power but by His spirit! 

People and families would begin to recognize that blessing and they would be attracted to that because they would know that it was God who did it all for us. He will make it beautiful so in His time!

I am excited. So excited for the greater things are yet to come to our family. He loves us more than we could understand. He loves my daughter more than Jake and  i loves her. He loves my family more than I do. He knows me better than myself. So I trust Him. Soon, I will pen down the progress of this miracle and never again we will be seperated. In Jesus name!