Bible Journey

Every opening of the year I would always plan to read the bible as part of my devotional habits. Year in and year out I would start reading the Book of Genesis to pump up my game in reading the whole bible from cover to cover hoping to finish the whole book and expectedly would end up reading the book of Genesis only. Lol! I am a disappointment to my own plans and a lot of my reasonings falls into blaming my schedule, laziness, mis-priorities and my devaluated choices like watching tv over reading or doing much important stuffs.

Honestly, this year I started reading Genesis again, attempting to do what I wanted to accomplish, but I am really weak so I was not too successful with my reading plans, sadly I can’t even keep up with my devotions and quiet time. Now I’m on the 3rd month of this year so I am more determined this time to reach my goal and so I am doing it differently, hopefully and by God’s grace I’ll be able to finish strongly not for any reasons but just the joy of achieving my daily-bible-reading habits and to learn more from God and to know Him more. 

Past 4 days I have been reading the epistles of James and so far, my heart is stirred! There were a lot reminders, instructions and rebukes I noticed and believing the Lord is highlighting to me. I got to read each pages intently, highlighting important phrases, searching for keywords and deeper meanings of the things I don’t understand and surprisingly it stays in my mind and my heart. More than ever I am praying and believing that God will supply the strength that I need to put to practice what I read and my life would exemplify what the word of God is stirring in me. As a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee and a servant I’d love to be a joy to God and bring Him glory. 

I am excited to write all things I learned from the whole chapter in the coming days and share what God has dropped in my heart everytime. And through Christ, may I accomplish and finish well this time, for He said that through Him I can do all things! 

Until next time! 


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