{Our Family Lately} Vol. 2

I have been through a lot of rushing and cramming for work the past weeks and so I haven’t recorded all the new things we, as a family have enjoyed doing. My job as a planner is quite a loadsome if given many clients but hey, I always feel blessed with all the things God has blessed us with. 


Jake and I wouldn’t be able to master this opportunity, but who does? But we are thankful that we have Jael, she’s a wonderful piece of heaven for us. 

Jael our baby has shown a lot of interest in sketching, papers, colors and pens. Even if shes only 23months the early signs of God’s given gift on creativity is slowly blossoming. As a parent we are very blessed and happy. 

Spiritual Life

We took a break in the ministry since Jael came but not with our relationship with God. 

It has been a series of wonderful lessons with God himself through His words. And though I myself is a work in progress, I am excited for the daily things God has been pouring out in my heart. He continuously surprising us with so much wonderful ideas, changes, wisdom and directions to where we are now and glimpses of our future. 

Well, seriously savings is tough. Specially with so much expenses going on. Recently, Singapore has been reviewed to be one of the most expensive cities to live in, but all is well. Trying our best to on our feet, strategizing on how well be able to make ourselves more thrifty. Living below our means. 

Blog Life

This is a wonderful personal journey for me and I am liking the opportunity to write something on my own little page. Where do I go from here? I am not sure. 😀

Next week well be flying overseas to send my baby to her grannies for a month before we come home for her second birthday and our 4th wedding anniversary, can’t wait for the wonderful surprises God has for us. 


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