Be grateful, Always

Be grateful, Always

Recently, I felt that my relationship with God has gone much deeper than yesterday. My desire to learn more from him sprouted through the constant revelation God has been doing in my heart. The corrections, disciplines, rebukes and reminders are real, perhaps, that urge to decide and to fight for the intimacy of sitting at the foot of the cross everyday has something to do with it.

I used to complain a lot, so much that my heart became so calloused of all the things I thought I deserved and never had but God has better, much better plans.

I came across the writing of the Apostle James talking about blessings and how much God loves us that he quoted this phrase “every good and perfect gift came from the Father of heavenly lights”. It just strike me in the head. I thought, that because of my devotion to working hard, keen planning, not doing bad things made me deserving of the things that I enjoy now. My job, my child, my husband and everything else – I thought was because I simply deserved it. But hey, I was wrong. The Father of heavenly lights who doesnt change like shifting shadows is the ultimate reason why I enjoy the priviledges and the benefits I now have here on earth. My family, health condition, my beautiful daughter and wonderful husband, my mom and sibs, my work and everything else came from Him. Nothing of all these things do I deserve but He chose to give because of His great love.

I fell on my knees, all the pride & my selfish desires vanished. I cried. I literally felt so little and so ashamed of myself. But hey, God understands. He does. And with a gentle and quiet spirit, I thought He whispered in my ear that He knows me well. He knew this time will come, when I will finally realize that His love for me is greater than anything. Even greater than my selfish, egoed heart and proud soul. He loves me more than I could ever imagine, so much that even though I am undeserving, He will continue to bless me just because that is His nature. He is a loving Father. And He is love.

Moral lesson, be grateful. Always.


Bible Journey

Every opening of the year I would always plan to read the bible as part of my devotional habits. Year in and year out I would start reading the Book of Genesis to pump up my game in reading the whole bible from cover to cover hoping to finish the whole book and expectedly would end up reading the book of Genesis only. Lol! I am a disappointment to my own plans and a lot of my reasonings falls into blaming my schedule, laziness, mis-priorities and my devaluated choices like watching tv over reading or doing much important stuffs.

Honestly, this year I started reading Genesis again, attempting to do what I wanted to accomplish, but I am really weak so I was not too successful with my reading plans, sadly I can’t even keep up with my devotions and quiet time. Now I’m on the 3rd month of this year so I am more determined this time to reach my goal and so I am doing it differently, hopefully and by God’s grace I’ll be able to finish strongly not for any reasons but just the joy of achieving my daily-bible-reading habits and to learn more from God and to know Him more. 

Past 4 days I have been reading the epistles of James and so far, my heart is stirred! There were a lot reminders, instructions and rebukes I noticed and believing the Lord is highlighting to me. I got to read each pages intently, highlighting important phrases, searching for keywords and deeper meanings of the things I don’t understand and surprisingly it stays in my mind and my heart. More than ever I am praying and believing that God will supply the strength that I need to put to practice what I read and my life would exemplify what the word of God is stirring in me. As a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee and a servant I’d love to be a joy to God and bring Him glory. 

I am excited to write all things I learned from the whole chapter in the coming days and share what God has dropped in my heart everytime. And through Christ, may I accomplish and finish well this time, for He said that through Him I can do all things! 

Until next time! 

{Our Family Lately} Vol. 2

I have been through a lot of rushing and cramming for work the past weeks and so I haven’t recorded all the new things we, as a family have enjoyed doing. My job as a planner is quite a loadsome if given many clients but hey, I always feel blessed with all the things God has blessed us with. 


Jake and I wouldn’t be able to master this opportunity, but who does? But we are thankful that we have Jael, she’s a wonderful piece of heaven for us. 

Jael our baby has shown a lot of interest in sketching, papers, colors and pens. Even if shes only 23months the early signs of God’s given gift on creativity is slowly blossoming. As a parent we are very blessed and happy. 

Spiritual Life

We took a break in the ministry since Jael came but not with our relationship with God. 

It has been a series of wonderful lessons with God himself through His words. And though I myself is a work in progress, I am excited for the daily things God has been pouring out in my heart. He continuously surprising us with so much wonderful ideas, changes, wisdom and directions to where we are now and glimpses of our future. 

Well, seriously savings is tough. Specially with so much expenses going on. Recently, Singapore has been reviewed to be one of the most expensive cities to live in, but all is well. Trying our best to on our feet, strategizing on how well be able to make ourselves more thrifty. Living below our means. 

Blog Life

This is a wonderful personal journey for me and I am liking the opportunity to write something on my own little page. Where do I go from here? I am not sure. 😀

Next week well be flying overseas to send my baby to her grannies for a month before we come home for her second birthday and our 4th wedding anniversary, can’t wait for the wonderful surprises God has for us. 

No more gadgets

It’s very easy for us (myself and my husband) to give in to the call of giving Ipads or Tablets to our child to keep her  busy. It was okay at first specially when she just sits down intently watching the cartoons and all it’s antics rather than chasing her around.

Lately we noticed our baby’s sleeping pattern suddenly change and she became a little bit hyperactive. We thought it was just part of her growing up, climbing upstairs and all other totty stuffs that they normally do but I think it’s something more. 

She’s turning 2 next month and I got a bit worried about the attitude and the sudden change. My friends told me it’s too early to detect and judge my baby girl’s attitude. But I was determined to find out and see if I can tweak and change it before it becomes a habit for her. Spoke to my mom about it and she thought that it’s still a good idea to go back to old school parenting. 

Old school parenting means no gadget! Just you and your baby having a real authentic time, chasing after her when she runs, reading her books before bedtime, become a bit more creative about games that you can play with her, speaking to her more often. No tv’s, no ipads and no gadgets. Sound’s easy? It wasn’t BUT it was all worth it. For fulltime working parents like us it would more effort but the result was unexplainable and it created long lasting moments with my child and us as a family. 

“Train up a child on the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” – proverbs 22:6 

We parents have a lot of role in showing our kids how to become a better person. It starts with us by being an example. Authentic and real dedicated time is what they reall y need. Don’t give in to ease, after all they deserve all our time and love 


When I am caught with too much emotions of not meeting your expectations in life generally, we tend to complain. I complain a lot. I see myself drifting down to the sorrowful thoughts of how pity I was. 

Why is it so easy to magnify the negative things than the positive ones. Why is it louder to hear those bad news than the good ones. And why our hearts tend to cling on the negative than the positive ones?

“Fear not for I am with you, says the Lord”

I am not perfect but I choose to listen on the things that would benefit me and cont on the larger blessings God has blessed me with. It’s going to take a while but I promise to listen and grip tightly on the best things yet to come or God has in stored for me and my family. I dare not believe all the lies the enemy of soul has put in placed. I will no longer give in to the illusions of a bad life because I am a child of God and I believe for the best things God has granted me with.