{Our Family Lately} vol.1

My baby has finally turned 20 months and there are lots of things she now had developed. She is very bubbly, active and always happy. She loves to dance, like, a lot. She has memorized a couple of nursery rhymes and she can now sing alog with it. (Proud Moment) 

There has been a lot change as well lately when it comes to our time as a family. Jaja our little girl, now sleeps so late which makes us all awake til’ midnight. She has been so engrossed with her Ipad which we are now learning how to slowly discipline her with it. 

Parenthood is a blessing. More than teaching our little one, we are also learning to change a lot of our characters and we continually learn things we have not tackled before. Maturity, sensitivity, resourcefulness, communication, patience, understanding and love – are those of the key things God is teaching us with. 

Having baby around and all her developments not just make us happy but more than grateful for the love Jael has brought to our lives. 

We have been everywhere SG lately touring our mom around. So mich of weekends are spent with outdoor activities lately. 

Will update soon… Sooner.. 


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